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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"

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biological weaponry, bonzai records, chemical weaponry, coilguns, du ammunition, du munition, emp weapons, fog area records, games, geschichte, gesellschaft, gewalt, guns, hard trance, hardstyle, hardtrance, history, humans, krieg, machines, maschinen, media, medien, menschen, military, militär, orientation, orientierung, planet traxx records, politics, politik, psychologie, psychology, railguns, remote operated vehicles, rov, society, soldaten, soldiers, space warfare, space-to-ground warfare, techno, time unlimited, trance, trance music, treating wounds, uas, ugv, unmanned aerial systems, unmanned ground vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles, uuv, violence, war, wundversorgung, бжрк
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