11 June 2017

matrixmann: (Flare)
In case nobody noticed (I don't like writing announcements, sorry), this year I thought like doing some entertainment part, contrary to the usual writing part.
I called it "Summer of Hardstyle" and people who are familiar to the Eletronic Music genre might already get a glimpse of what it means.
For the whole summer I select a track of the mentioned genre "Hardstyle" every week, with best efforts always at the same day to get some regularity in (and to not forget about it, shame on me if I do).
Sources I use all of the known legal services which don't cause trouble with embedding and which don't require owning an account for it. So that the average normal reader can listen to them freely without any bureaucratic complications (life already confronts you far too often with it, right?).

So, people, from now on you know the drill! Hope you enjoy it!

(Also hope that no "copyright infringement!"-screamer jumps out of the bush... I'm not a copyright harmer, I'm just a stupid person using stuff that YouTube doesn't delete in ages and that composers partly even upload themselves on Soundcloud. Also I always mention the source link separately.
And no, I don't earn money with any of the crap being done here!)

PS: For the definition of "summer" - summer lasts as long as the warm temperatures last.
Okay, when this is still the case in October, I don't know if I still keep posting references to pieces then...
But just about half of Semptember one can calculate, I think.

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