matrixmann: (Thinking)
The Matrix is something that is real.
No, you're not stuck in a computer game wired onto you for your life, so you don't notice you're a battery for a machine.

All that you believe in, all that you think is right and wrong, all correlations that exist materially between one and another thing, that is The Matrix.
The way you got taught the path functions like, the way your mind thinks, based on these lessons and experiences, the way the world works like, and the way you believe - loosely based or even melt with these thoughts - the world functions like.
In other words: The imagination in your brain that you have about the world. That is The Matrix. The REAL one.
You don't even need a computer simulation for that as your brain is already capable enough of fooling itself and keeping itself in a dream world that is not as the reality is like.

Materially spoken, this equals as if you believe in gravity and that humans can't jump a 100 meters far, just like in the movie. Only with the difference: The reality surrounds you even though, dictates the base for the impressions your senses make. You can try if the belief in gravity is nonsense, but if it's there, it's gonna strike you dead even though. There is no computer simulation between you and the reality that feels real, but isn't.
The belief in nonsense is gonna bring up consequences for you right away. There's no second try or "Wanna continue?"-question. Dead is dead.

Speaking in terms of which the reality is full of virtual constructs that create a Matrix in your head that exists unconnected to the reality, that becomes a virtual dream world like in the movie,
it's, for example, if the doctor tells you that the pills help, but you feel more and more physically miserable. If you think, in plundering and destroying a supermarket you harm the big players in capitalism. If you assume that hard work alone makes you become someone someday.
Or, if you believe that buying things make you happy. If you think owning a house and a fat car, a spouse and children adding to that, are the universal recipe to make everyone happy. At all, if you think that it's perfectly normal that all people need to be married when they're 30, and so you need to be too. If you think every follower of a religion must wear the visible symbols of this religion just to be a member of this belief.

All of these things that you assume to be true without asking, create The Matrix for your head. The virtual reality you live in, the world which you think is true, but that is only like a full-scale computer simulation.

If you want to awake from it, want to know what is real now and what not, consider: There's no-one like Morpheus who can tell you that this overall thing you got running in your head is a lie. That there is some other reality and this is the one you can hold onto because it's real.
Even reality is only what people discover to be factually wrong, the way it was previously assumed.
There is a lot of factually-based recognitions that can help guiding you on your way, which you can trust because they've been proven to work this way, but it's not like all of reality has been cleared that way already.
In your search for a world whose concept is logic again, you've gotta walk many ways and open up your senses.
The famous question "Why do my eyes hurt?" - "Because you've never used them before." remains vital for all of your existence. And you can't always choose which one becomes the bitter truth for your life. If you got a deadly disease or cancer, you can't also choose to just have a stomach ulcer, can you?

The Matrix is... the cage you lock your own mind in. The prison you set for your own thoughts and feelings. The factual truth that you don't want to see - as well as the weird fantasy you declare for yourself to be true, even though it isn't.

The way out of this is... observing what happens to the left and to the right of yours. Going researching on your own. Wanting to know things exactly. Accepting at all, when something you got taught to be a certain way, is totally wrong factually.
When you don't want to stay with what you've been given as information from the world.
If you notice, things aren't correct that way you got told, and you don't decide for ignoring or blaming yourself for not understanding it or not being able to fit in.
matrixmann: (Waiting for command)
How many times you wanna stay there and repeat the same phrases over and over again?
How many times you wanna stay there and the daily usual sloppy work keeps going on and on?
You expect anyone to believe you? You expect anyone to believe you do something in his interest?
You expect anything at all that no-one sees that you only try to administer the state of things because it's all too much for you? That you're overchallenged?
Politics is not a game of "I wanna be rich and famous". If you look for that, just dicover some dormant talent in you and try your luck in the free economy that you always praise so much!
High politics govern the life of thousands of people. You do your job as they do! Hand in hand work, you can't exist without them and they can't exist without you! Everyone does a job for the other so he doesn't have to worry about it!
This is the pattern of the game - and if you're not willing to follow that, just fuck you off!!
Fuck-up of a mass of human lives, you know how they call that? "Mass-murderer" and "war criminal".
You slowly get aware of what game you signed up for? This is not a children's game, this is not something you don't carry any responsibility for! Just like everyone else who "only" works in a factory!
This is not about you and your ego! This is about a high responsibility that you carry! And if you fuck that up big time even voluntarily, then this needs to get treated like "voluntarily"!
You know what happens to war criminals and mass-murderers, so you have an idea what judgment might happen to you before a court?
matrixmann: (Ready)
Lifestyles open doors to certain life decisions. Some are incompatible with certain decisions. Some also don't contain certain decisions. Literally, it's not on that path to be put to choose for certain things.
But, in return, they also open up doors to decisions that other lifestyles don't contain. Which you wouldn't be able to make - or options to choose between wouldn't be put before you, if you took another path.
In figuring one's own way to live, that's the point one must comprehend.
You can't have everything; you can't live a life with a family while you rather feel well when fooling around. You can't imagine to have big assets if you don't have the ambition and the brains to aim for any higher goals at all. You also can't do a traveling circus and work everywhere abroad and far away while there's somebody at home waiting for you and depending on you. As well... you can't live your secret identities and still think you can go the common path of getting married, having children and living happily ever after like all the other people.
Some paths are not the straight paths - and that's what one needs to know.
But, as said, those paths which are not compliant with the straight paths, the usual paths in life, they also have their special advantages. Pathways and forks that don't open up to the others that took one of those straight paths. Experiences that they are not going to make.
Disappointments they'll make conversely won't necessarily be the ones you will make.

One needs to take it as the strange winks of life that it sometimes has, and which it doesn't choose for long who it'll force them upon. It just lets them rain down, and it'll ask from you either to deal with them or to go down trying to pretend to yourself that you can still do the way that all the other people do.
Society on that path an also pretend to you a lot that there are various possibilities to combine both ways, the straight and the unusual one, but think twice if this is even realistic.
Nothing is a combination of both paths if you have to convince all of your environment that the way you do it is not harmful to the kids you gonna have.
matrixmann: (Thinking)
Man kann deprimiert sein und deswegen alles negativ wahrnehmen,
man kann aber auch von der Realität deprimiert werden.

One can be depressed and therefore perceive everything in the negative way,
but - one can also be depressed by the events that take place in the reality.
matrixmann: (Black suits comin')
Insects, mammals or plants,
Fish, apples, eyes or some ants,
We all kill a thing
to survive,
we all let it happening
without a cry,
it doesn't matter what you eat,
in the end we're all equally

We all take someone's life and don't give a shit,
we all are hungry and kill for our bit,
in the end it's all someone's lie
(that nobody dies)

You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood

(mockery) Maniac...

Claws, hoofs, fins or human hands,
Teeth, snouts, tongues, scales or slimy glands,
We all rob a thing
of its life,
we all let it happening
without a cry

It's only humans which create drama about it,
It's only humans which hesitate from their bit,
in the end it's all someone's lie
(that nobody dies)

You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood

(mockery) Monads, come to me...

(repeats of the refrain and of the verses can be done at will; only keep it in a logic order)

Musical genre: Hardstyle (Electronic)
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"Your unconditional basic income is a nice idea, but here's the flaw in your system: It reestablishes how the old social benefits worked, but it doesn't change anything on the factor "prices". As well as that it doesn't change those facts that still each year it's the goal of all national economies to impress each other by proving how much percentage they can compile in attaching zeroes to the sums of the last year ( = GDP) and that the economy it ought to function in only can keep itself up by generating lots of fictional money that doesn't exist out of credits it didn't hand out to one customer, so it's whole self-asserted "growth" is nothing more than multiplying the sums that have originally been there before a few hundred, a few thousand years ago. In other terms: Not only you keep adjusting the sum each year, you also don't change anything that makes it so nessecary that this basic income needs to exist at all. You only make the circumstances takeable again. But that because you don't really know what you're trying to fight when you talk about "overcoming capitalism".
You're still one of those dreamy starry-eyed idealists that don't know how the world they live in really works."
matrixmann: (Thinking)
In the end, all that remains of you is...

...a person in a photograph.
matrixmann: (Waiting for command)
What is there to say?
This is the world you created.
This is the seeds you have sown.
And this is the harvest you get.
If you receive war, you have fostered war.
The blood that is shed in your circle now -
is otherwisely the blood that is shed somewhere else.
The war reached your neighbordhood.
It disturbs your peace.
Think about what you have done
and how natural it is to you
that you can live thoughtlessly.
Actually this isn't the natural state of things.
Become aware of what life is like
outside your bubble.
matrixmann: (Waiting for command)
Addition to:

You know what you also lack if you find a hundred of people adulating themselves with a close-ranged spectrum of context in resonances?
If it was in writing, one could assume that all is written by one and the same person. Or a small bunch of persons, pretending to show diversity of opinions, but in reality all they do is fueling, deepening of social trenches. Manipulating the masses like all the others do.
You'd have trouble filtering the real persons from the fake ones and to believe in anything at all that they have said.
matrixmann: (Thinking)
Not all specimen extend to bloom.
In nature, there always grow more than survive in the end.
Well, if mankind achieved to keep them all alive, in conclusion... what did it actually accomplish at all with it?
matrixmann: (Thinking)
On another note - a hint to remember: Children are the most vulnerable links in a chain. They die easily - from sickness, from cold, from lack of food and water. It's like a natural law. If you do dangerous things or go on a dangerous journey, they will be the first to suffer harm or not even make it to the end of what you planned to do with them together.
The smaller they are, the higher even the probability.

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matrixmann: (Ready)
Scenario: Picking up a glass of water and taking a sip.

The hand reaches to the glass. Through the fingertips the brain gets to know the glass is cold, its surface is smooth or rough, it's clear or it has carvings and ornaments.
Visually the eyes see something's in the glass, they register its color, if you can look through the liquid or not, they also observe the color of the glass itself and the ornaments drawn on it.
If the hand pushes the glass for a tiny length, the ears hear what it sounds like if the glass moves over the ground it stands on. Visually, the eyes take notice that the liquid starts to move in the vessel too.
If then the hand tries to pick the glass up, it needs to learn how to do it.
It needs to realize how to coordinate its fingers and the single musles and sinews that are attached to the hand to get the glass off the table without it, primarily, falling to the floor and secondly keep it in a balance so the liquid isn't spilled. - A matter of feeling through the tips and coordinating it with the visuals that the eyes deliver to the brain.
When it gets it up to the mouth, again the temperature of the glass gets detected. If it is too hot, the brain assumes the liquid in it also is hot and it puts it back in its place on the table.
If this is not the case, the hand again tries to figure how to make the water go inside the mouth cavity. It tries to reach it with lips and tongue, it tries to tilt the glass so the water runs down the vessel into the mouth. If one method does not succeed as much as desired, the brain tries another method.
As water hits the mouth cavity and moistens the tongue, the liquid in the glass generates the image of its taste. Is it spicy, is it sweet, is it salty, is it bitter or is it acidic?
By putting the glass back into its horizontal position and back on the table, the experience is fulfilled.

The brain saves back every information it gathered through the process, single as well as in connection with solely these impressions.
A time when doing the same action again, it will remember it - how it did it, what effects it had upon itself and the surroundings, how it felt, what it looked like, what it sounded like.
Unless being proved different, the brain archives the liquid "water" in connection with "cold", picking up a glass with a smooth or a rough surface, moving it with the sound it made when being pushed on the table, the glass itself being heavy and requiring muscular power to get it up.
If one or more impressions don't fit the effect of the action, or an effect is learned that naturally is not caused by this action, the brain puts it into the archive and when taking out that knowledge acquired, the brain is confused over its action not having the effect that it wanted to achieve.
Or worse: The brain makes the body execute an action and people watching it confusedly give you the hint that this doesn't work that you're trying to do. For example, they give you the hint that a real fish tank can't be zoomed in like on a screen of a tablet computer. Either you need to get closer to the glass to see better with your own eyes, or you need to get adapted to the fact that the vision that you have is the best you can get.
If you eat chicken and it is incredibly hot-spiced, when knowing nothing about seasoning, you may not ever touch it again because the brain associates chicken with "so hot you cannot eat it".

One information gets archived in connection with at least one other.
If a brain is missing these other impressions to the senses, it only has a limited impression of what a circumstance really is like.
If wrong associations get put into the archive, things which don't naturally depend on each other or are in no connection at all - like playing a video game, but listing to completely different music and no sound effects -, a wrong imagination is created of what a subject is like.
Like switching on the TV when wanting something to eat.
And it further leads to actions which logically don't make any sense, but makes sense in the dimension of a brain that learned to connect a thing with another, even though it does not suit the first.
matrixmann: (Thinking)
People are domesticated. That's the reason why they don't fight back, why they don't fight their rulers even though they're uncontent with them.
They simply - got robbed of their knowledge, their instincts, what to do if someone doesn't treat you well. What would be their most natural reactions to that kind of treatment.
Instead they're paralyzed, apathetic, don't know what to do and have a feeling of overall powerlessness.
Because they have the internalized feeling of "I'm not allowed to" and harming that maxim is going to draw punishment after it for them.

If someone wants to address this and take people out of their misery, he needs to start with this point.
Teach them again to show the most basic natural reactions when an animal is forced into a corner.
And tell them "it's okay, you're not uncivilized if you're doing this".
Allowing them to follow their instincts again.
matrixmann: (Waiting for command)
"Wer vergisst, dass seine Faust einen Menschen töten kann, der läuft Gefahr, seine eigene Zerstörungskraft zu unterschätzen.
Schutz ist nicht immer die angebrachteste Methode, um für Frieden zu sorgen.
Manche Menschen wollen gern Krieg führen.
Manche Menschen wollen den anderen gern beneiden.
Manche Menschen wollen auch einfach nur ihre Ruhe haben.

Vergesslichkeit gegenüber der Gewalt bewirkt irgendwann, dass man schnell zu ihr greift, weil man sie als nicht allzu drastisch erachtet."

Um ein altes, vor langer Zeit einmal erwähntes Thema zu besprechen und eventuell sogar zu erweitern: Damals noch allein auf die deutsche Problematik bezogen, ergibt sich, wenn man versucht, sich ein Bild von verschiedenen internationalen liberalen Bewegungen zu machen, und den gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Einfluss, den diese bereits auf die allgemeine Lebensart gehabt haben, eine sehr ähnliche Konstellation.
Man könnte sogar schon verschwörerisch davon sprechen, sie hätten alle einen gemeinsamen geografischen Ursprung.
In, so ziemlich, allen westlichen Staaten ist das Thema Gewalt mit einem Tabu belegt und es wird in die Ecke unliebsamen Verhaltens geschoben.
Moralisch ist daran nichts verwerfliches auszusetzen - wohin käme man, wenn es kollektiv toleriert wäre, sich regelmäßig gegenseitig zu verprügeln und abzustechen?
Was allerdings in den Hintergrund gerät - und was einem mehr oder minder energisch von den liberalen Protestbewegungen versucht wird anderweitig weis zu machen -, ist die Tatsache, das Gewalt Bestandteil der Essenz des Lebens ist. Jegliche Form des Überlebens birgt einen Akt der Gewalt in sich, ob es nun ein Pflanze ist, die man tötet oder isst, oder ob es ein anderes Tier ist, welches man isst, um selbst weiter zu leben.
Die gesellschaftlichen Bewegungen, die in den letzten 50 Jahren die Bühne betreten haben, versuchen, diese Tatsache anzuzweifeln und den Menschen, die sie beeinflussen wollen, ebenso gleiches zu erzählen. Gewalt ist in ihren Augen höchst verdammungswürdig, obwohl es nicht immer die Möglichkeit in der Natur als auch im gesellschaftlichen Zusammenleben gibt, darum herumzukommen.
Ein weiteres, was diese Bewegungen verkennen - wenn der Mensch im Begriff ist, aufzuwachsen, muss er dennoch lernen, zu welcher körperlichen und zu welcher Zerstörungskraft er fähig ist. Wenn dies nicht in seinem Erfahrungsschatz vorhanden ist, und somit auch nicht in seinem geistigen gegenwärtigen Bewusstsein, so wird er in diesem Punkt maßlos werden.
Er lernt nicht, dass ein Tritt gegen den Kopf tödlich ist, oder wenigstens schwerwiegende lebenslange Schädigungen hervorrufen kann.
Analog dazu, lernt er auch nicht, diese Kraft im Zaum zu halten und sie lediglich dann anzuwenden, wenn alle anderen Handlungsoptionen nicht den gewünschten Effekt bewirken und, wenn er selbst angegriffen wird, wie viel Zuschlagen noch alleinige Notwehr ist und wo es bereits beginnt, dass er seinen Angreifer unfreiwillig tötet.

Ein weiteres, das dieses Tabu bringt, ist für diejenigen, die bereits mit übermäßig vieler Gewalt konfrontiert wurden und die nicht die typische Opferposition einnehmen.
Wer enthemmter ist, oder mental dadurch duldsamer gegenüber Szenarien und Schilderungen anderer ist, gilt sehr schnell als barbarisch und als gewaltverherrlichend. Obwohl er vielleicht nur einen Umstand aus dem Leben zitiert, der unbestritten mechanisch so abläuft und nicht änderbar ist.
Der Verdacht, dass so jemand einen Hang zu eigener Täterschaft hat ist ebenso begründet wie auch hysterisch. Zumal es verkennt auch die Situationen im gewöhnlichen Leben, in denen friedliche Mittel nicht die Antwort bringen, und in denen solcherlei geringere Hemmung eventuell sogar von praktischem Nutzen ist (z. B. Personenschutz und "Zivilcourage").

Eine vielleicht sogar noch schlimmere Sache, die diese Verdammung von Gewalt aus der eigenen Existenz mit sich bringt, ist aber die folgende:
Wenn Menschen es nur noch gewohnt sind, in einer für sie bedrohungsfreien oder wenigstens bedrohungsarmen Umgebung zu leben, dann wird sie das erste Durchbrechen dieser wohl behüteten Welt in ein Trauma versetzen.
Es wird ihnen so fremd sein, dass es ihnen unnatürlich vorkommt. Wie etwas, dass im Großen und Ganzen, das sich "Leben" nennt, eigentlich nicht vorzukommen hat. (Vergleiche: )
Solche Erscheinungen sind z. B. in der modernen Gesellschaft, es als barbarisch zu empfinden, Tiere schlachten zu müssen, um sie zu essen, während es vor nicht einmal 100 Jahren zwar als nicht angenehm, aber durchaus als eine notwendige als auch in der Gesellschaft vorkommende Sache angesehen wurde. Die stetige Ernährungssituation vor der großangelegten industriellen Verarbeitung und Herstellung von Lebensmitteln zwang einfach dazu. (Man war froh, in der Woche in Stück Fleisch essen zu können.)
Selbiges gilt auch für das Verständnis von Zusammenleben in der Gesellschaft als auch für das Beeinflussen von Gesellschaft, Staat und Politik.
Ein in der Moderne aufgewachsener Mensch, der von all den Agendas, die diese gesellschaftlichen Gruppen in das tägliche Bewusstsein haben einfließen lassen, bereits in seinen Grundfesten beeinflusst ist, tut sich schwer damit, zu realisieren, dass die Mächtigen seinen friedlichen Protest ignorieren, indem, dass sie den Vorhang zuziehen.
Er tut sich ebenso schwer damit, wenn er denn den gedanklichen Bogen zu Taten statt bunten Schildern findet, ein Maß zu finden statt nur sinnlose Zerstörung walten zu lassen.
Es muss dann nicht mehr nur Gewalt gegen einen Beamten sein, der ihn zu Unrecht schlägt, sondern auch angezündete Mülltonen, ausgeraubte Geschäfte und zerschlagene parkende Autos.
Ihn darauf hinzuweisen, ist dann für ihn gleichweitig damit, als wenn man jemandem Appetit macht und ihm dann aus einem 5-Gänge-Menü nur die Vorspeise vorsetzt.

So etwas passiert aber, wenn man es jemandem verwehrt, seine eigene Zerstörungskraft zu erkunden, wenn er in einem Alter ist, wo diese Zerstörung noch überschaubare Ausmaße annehmen kann ( = als Kind).
Wenn man Gewalt zu etwas unnatürlichem verdammt und versucht, es aus dem Kontext des menschlichen Zusammenlebens zu entfernen.

Es dient keinesfalls dem Schutz oder dem Befürworten von asozialem, schädigendem Verhalten, es dient vielmehr dem Erläutern, was passiert, wenn es Menschen regelrecht verboten wird, sich zu raufen, oder sich gegen Angreifer, die diesem Tabu nicht folgen, zu wehren.
Menschen, denen ihr Selbsterhaltungstrieb ausgetrieben wurde, sind so hilflos und schutzlos wie Neugeborene. Man muss sich ständig um sie kümmern, sie bleiben abhängig von dem Gutdünken von anderen und werden niemals fähig, ein vollständig eigentständiges Leben zu führen.
Menschen, die außerdem keine Widrigkeiten aushalten können, die ihnen das Leben von Natur aus beschweren kann, sind zu empfindlich um lang auf dieser Welt zu überleben - obendrein werden sie relativ unfähig sein, Kinder großzuziehen, die natürliche Widrigkeiten oder überhaupt ihr eigenes Temperament aushalten können.
Außerdem wird es zu einer Gesellschaft führen, in der alle, die dieses Gewalttabu nicht beachten, dem Rest der Gemeinde, die lediglich in Frieden leben wollen, ihren Terror aufzwingen können.

Dass man Opfern von körperlicher und sonstigen Formen von Gewalt Verständnis und Nachsicht gegenüber entgegen bringt, ist verständlich, bis zu einem gewissen Punkt sogar verantwortlich.
Wenn jemand nach Jahren aber immer noch nicht über eine Sache hinweg ist, so muss man das Zugeständnis machen "es können nicht alle ewig dieses Thema ausblenden und darauf achten, nichts unangenehmes bei dir hervorzurufen - wenn sich jemand an Sexualität stört, wird auch niemand für ihn die Plakate abmachen und die ganze Werbebranche umkrempeln; er wird gezwungen sein, weg- oder einfach hindurchzusehen".

Aus der östlichen Hemispähre ist dieser tabuisierte Umgang mit Gewalt weniger bekannt. Vielleicht, weil die Einsicht in die tatsächliche Notwendigkeit dort traditionell eine andere ist.

Falls jemand diesen Text als Aufruf zu Gewalt und zu Straftaten ansehen sollte, so betrachte ich dies als Verleumdung. Vielleicht ist es eine Spur gewaltverherrlichend, wenn "gewaltverherrlichend" bedeutet, dass man keine Scheu davor besitzt, sich auch mit diesem Thema ernsthaft auseinander zu setzen und nicht nur den Leitlinien einiger von Übersee inspirierten Lobbys gedankenlos zu folgen. Dafür sind aber auch die Markierungen "graphic (18+)" und "controversial" in den Tags angeheftet.
matrixmann: (I see with the eyes of a hunter)
Things are based upon other things. You need a careful eyesight to spot what's beyond it.
Life is a complicated structure and no linear process that proceeds through time.
Also its beings are no linear structures that always develop the same way and take the same paths.
But even despite that natural diversity, it doesn't mean they don't have certain things in common.
What lies beyond their complicated structures reveals to you what they all share.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Addition to this:

It is something born out of a society which lives with no natural predators.
Society which has nothing productive to do, which thinks it's their universal right to live in an environment where they don't have to suffer any kind of deprivations, which negates even the smallest negative moments in life which naturally appear.
A community that thinks the world is going to be balanced by throwing colored balloons at each other with no friction taking place - a community which thinks their carefree life - carefree compared to a vulpine or a squirrel - is the natural state of being and this shall continue to be so ever after.
Great part of it teams itself up with the naivete of a child, trusting blindly, unaware that the world is not a place where everyone only wants to do you well and where there exist creatures which subsist on eating your flesh.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Where there is space, something will try to grow in.
When there's resistance, it will stop to do so. It will still try to push the border further, the furthest it can manage, but if the opposition is stronger than what tries to push into the gap, it's going to stop and remain by what it has conquered.
If it's got a large space that offers itself to it, then the growth will be far greater - just until it meets borders or until it cannot grow no more.
If, in the beginning, resistance is so hard and the space to grow in is very small, it will stop to do so just before someone is already able to take notice of it. So to say, one hardly notices that something moved at all.
Additionally, the effect of what tried to grow into the gap is very minimal, if not at all the project falls apart in its initial stages.

For something to grow, the absence of boundaries is needed. If there are none or none quite noticeable, proliferation will take place.
If boundaries are that tight that one is hardly able to breathe, not even movement will appear.
The key to stop unpleasantries to develop is just showing them their place in the beginning, so they know where they stand and which possible place they can acquire even if they move.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Bureaucracy is... the way of the physical and intellectual powerless to still be able to have some influence onto their surroundings.
Because bureaucracy has nothing to do with logical processes in the functionality of the brain; it's like using a lock if you want to switch on your sound system.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
They draw borders on the moon,
borders on mars,
property in bloom,
when do they take the stars?
Anytime they draw them in the sky,
errect traffic lights,
call that "freedom of mine"
and still tell me "join the fights".

Even the mountains they turn into tourist attractions,
shift change on the roof of the world,
space enthusiasts can live their affections
as long as money is their word.
Doesn't matter if they're sick,
if they're old or half-past death,
bigness can buy every kick,
and fuel on all fantasies in their heads.

The world is an amusement park
for humans of all shades,
beware if someone starts to bark,
that's not calculated in their plays.
A golden cage, pretending thrills,
the last trial to escape is meth,
but drugs don't work, it kills
the cognition is solid, adventure is dead.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Picking up something that had already been indicated here:

Some specific professions already face problems in finding trainees during these days. The reasons for this are various, from too long working hours to bad payment, from factual missing of employee's rights to temporary contracts and from disability to lead a private life to quick replacement.
But, the most remarkable thing awaits in the details as often: The current system using and needing these jobs of this certain kind, it is under threat to break down because it mostly relies on legacy. People once apprenticed a long time ago are the main pillar to shoulder the system and they don't apprentice as many new trainees to replace the old ones that retire finally. More than that, they rather lay out the threat to automatize and replace by machines to answer the uncovered future needs, speaking of "modernization" and "to become more efficient".
What sly-feeling people on the managment floor never get in touch with or even don't calculate, machines are only as intelligent as their inventors could realize and as their masters can operate them, meaning they're far more vulnerable to errors just because they're missing human autonomous intelligence and mankind is not going to success too soon to imitate that. Besides, they may not claim a wage and social security, but they will require propellants instead to feed them and they will also need maintaining. In the case of a drone for package delivery, especially it's going to be ineffecient because one drone may only be able to carry one package at a time, a utility van loaded with packages for delivery can take a lot more. Including they will produce a lot of air traffic which needs to be coordinated suddenly.
So, if it is sold on the outside as an improvement of service, actually it is in fact a downgrade.
Also it avoids solving the homemade problem of relying on crops gained in the past and relying on education that other countries have done which pursue a different policy.

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