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Choice is democracy.
But democracy dies when choice ceases to exist.
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When an icon of one's suicidal youth commits suicide himself, then it's indeed an irony that life offers there.
But, thinking about it, what's it with a hero, where does this status end and where does he start to be only a human being again? With own problems, desires, flaws and personal weaknesses?
It's actually so very simple. So simple that one forgets about it when he looks up to someone.
Every hero that is like an icon to those with demons plaguing them inside, most often he fights some demons inside himself. Even when it's long past having your biggest battle with them, the fight goes on because, once developed, these demons never let you go again. Until the end of your life.
And so... it comes that even a hero might surrender them, although everyone of that kind of human logically knows it is nonsense to do so.
But sometimes you don't know how strong they are, how much a plague they are to the protagonist and how long he already kept fighting them - or how long he already kept running away from them.
It's tough to judge this from the outside - from the outside it's always a pretty easy job to do.
Much tougher it always is when judging it from the inside and taking note of one's abilities and capacities to overcome. How much he/she's caught up in the dependencies of his/her own life. And how much or less there's a way out of it what is plaguing someone.
In that point, even a hero is just a human...
And those things may press him to the wall until he's "about to break".


16 June 2017 08:11 pm
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Helmut Kohl

Instead of a comment, here's a song:


Regard: The song's not new, it's from 1992.


27 May 2017 03:24 pm
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Zbigniew Brzeziński

(insert "Straight to hell"-jingle of your own choice here)
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5 days ago - now also soccer players get attacked by they-don't-know-who (pick a group of your preferation of hate)...
Er, slowly things reach the stage where everyone's going nuts, don't you think?
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The US entered a war on the legitimate state of Syria they know they can't win.
Why would they otherwise just throw missiles over to an airbase "to change a govenments behavior", when they could have just more than that?
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2014: Raid on the regional administrations in Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv.
Beginnings of a war of extermination - and of reversing an illegtimate coup d'état, protected and organized by Western countries, as well as fighting for one's right to live not as a 2nd-class-citizen in the place you lived before.
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Le sentier de sang keeps unfolding...
...And still the one to cry the most about the dead doesn't want to admit it's all his own work.
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2011: Spliting of Sudan.


2 May 2016 11:00 am
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Odessa, 2014: Human ugliness presents itself in its best form.
People hunt other people through the streets, force them in a corner in a building, set it on fire in the entrance - inside they beat the fleeing people up, those who manage to escape the fire and jump through the window get a "welcome" to the ground with the same treatment, those who manage to get on the roof remain the only ones left alive.
Bodies from the inside all pile up with a face burned black like coal.
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1986: Pripyat, Ukraine. During an excercise of a complete blackout in the nuclear power plant "Chernobyl" an explosion in one of the reactors happened. First kept under the rug for days what truly has happened, later the whole town and surrounding area was evacuated.
During the following months, a sarcophagus as a means to stop the worst was built above the reactor to prevent the meltdown to soak into the ground and the radioactive dust to escape into the air.
Still until today it remains not absolutely sure what were the true origins of the fallout, if either purely human error or the addition of an earthquake directly under the reactor which it didn't suit for.

2002: Erfurt, Germany. A former student of an academic high school comes up to his school in the midmorning during the yearly period of the exams and kills 16 people as well as himself in a killing spree.
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2015: Saudi Arabia's campaign to bomb Yemen starts.
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2003: George W. Bush, Tony Blair and other associates go on a search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but fail to find them and others even still today don't manage to detect their whereabouts.
They find a head of state trapped in a clink, leave him to the verdict of the locals, pull down a statue and unjustifiably declare themselves to be the winner of the war - whose results still keep them busy for the sake of security.
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2011: The beginning of something in Syria that didn't end in an upheaval like the Arab spring, but resulted in a full-fledged armed war.
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2011: An earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0 appears under water not far from the coast of Japan.
First the quake itself devastates the area, but more importantly it triggers a tsunami wave which adds on top of this.
A nearby nuclear power plant in Fukushima was affected heavily by both and, due to human arrogance and greed that made it be constructed suitable to economical needs, but not apropriate to the needs of a facility that stands on a cliff coast of a volcanic island, a meltdown appeared during the following days.
400.000 people in estimated numbers had to leave their homes and be evacuated in the zone set by the state around the power plant.
The state of Japan, being located where it is, hung on a thing thread depending on the outcome of the acute actions made to meet this disaster.

Still until this very day, the consequences out of this event keep the authorities busy.
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Kiev, February 18th-20th 2014: 118 Kerzen am Dom. (118 candles blowing at the dome.)
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February 2011: 17th, marks of the official day when the uprising against the Colonel from Libya that always opened his wallet when Africa needed financial aid started.
His enemies, who spent a long time of friendship with him, still suffer from the results of their deed: Free influx of refugees and soldiers of fortune from Africa as well as the Middle East, other powers taking control of the area, and the oil, a steady flow settled by contract, now is next to be lost.
The outcome of this is still uncertain.
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Quote from this one a while ago:

Ideas about an invasion into Syria on the part of Turkey exist?

Strangely enough, up until noon today news popped up about a march-in of regular Turkish troops into Northern Iraq. Officially, they're supposed to be 130 men for training Pershmerga fighters, but in fact it is said it's a complete tank battalion with vehicles and all.

Regarding this a while back - you know what to do with it.

And the saddest thing is, Western NATO countries have nothing else to do than agreeing on pointless and chaotic military campaigns which are damned to end in another fiasco and obviously one of the true players from behind-the-scenes they leave be and let do whatever he wants. Because of the refugees, the European countries even show up to bow down before the Turkish government to beg them to prevent them from entering their living space.
But they always tell it's "Ivan" Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin who's an aggressor...

If he is an aggressor, then what the fuck is this supposed to be?

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