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...You know, where you nerd activists for the internet and admonishers of data privacy have been missing?
Not where it was about bringing innovation into the living rooms and free education, not where it was about keeping snooping eyes out of you living room.
It's even more simple.
Where was your word as the internet was turned into a commercial field and a place of the same life seriousness like the real life?
Once it was a harbor for people who felt misunderstood, who had specialized interests and who didn't find anyone to talk to in the same situation so easily right around the corner living next to them. It was a place where people could meet anonymously and not be ashamed about every shit they think and put interest in - or where they needed to calculate that next day some S.W.A.T. team is gonna kick their door in because some dubious fucker didn't like their opinion or decided to act the "concerned citizen"!
Also, there weren't whole industries of lawyers which just live from telling people they violate some big corporation's copyright or they talk the wrong way about movie/game X!
You know where you would have been needed?
Just as this kind of Pandora's box started to be opened! As this resort was turned into a place of jealousy, hate and aggressive agitation!
'Cause when Pandora's box gets opened, you can never close it again. That's exactly what things have become in the reality...
Now all outcasts, misunderstood people and nerds have lost their place to be almost completely. "Almost" because, if you're unlucky, even in the most hidden place in the internet anyone finds you, reads you and sees the need to stop you from what you're doing!
Even all your software to become anonymous again doesn't revoke that process 'cause the race has already begun for long to get a hold of this. Just before it really got started and became a common thing.
...Tell everyone what you think you can do to give this back to them, to the people who wish and who need it - for the sake of creativity or their own sanity.
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Is it just me or has there really been a technical downgrade between the original Silent Hill series (I-IV) and the later installments, although for V there's been the hike-up to the next-generation consoles?
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What would somebody say who died 10 years ago about the fuss that takes place today?
In politics as well as society as well as technology - how things in general developed during the last decade?
Would he think "the better that I have died, that's even worse than when I was still alive"?
Or would he say "I should have stayed, just to try to make a change in all these things"?
What about somebody who killed himself?
Would he be happy about his deed?
Would he scream in horror how the world has become, compared to 10 years ago?
What would his words be about Facebook, about streaming, about the current state the world is in - the economical crisis, the West's fight with Russia, the war in Syria, Libya, newly grown information sources that didn't exist back then?
Also, what would he say about culture, about current trends? About the rise of German Schlager, the dropping in the background of Hiphop, the rise of softened Electro House and the current remake mania in Hollywood?
What would he say if he heard that now it's a trend for the lost youth to travel to the Middle East and play "Call Of Duty" for real - voluntarily?

Sometimes it would be better if someone was alive again who didn't follow all these developments, just to give you a more distanced opinion, free from the political correctness of today, free from the frames and shapes which society and public likes to think in during current times.
Having been gone opens a door to potentially give you new ideas. Ideas you wouldn't have if you talked to somebody who's a child of his time and narrow-minded as the current episode is.
Too long ago may become a problem as the changes over 20 and 30 years or more are too huge for someone to comprehend in a small amount of time. There would be the danger of becoming overwhelmed by impressions.
Many things changed in a longer episode of time.

But even during the last 10 years, you have some things which totally took a major development, while you have others where you would say "business as usual". Nothing has changed.
The stupification of mankind hasn't stopped, quite the opposite, it has increased. Through the invention of smartphones and social media shifting from a text-based to a photo- and video-based issue. Bullying and mobbing hasn't vanished from the face of the earth, its results only have become quieter and no-one talks about it anymore loudly. Children themselves don't take a gun into their hands anymore nessecarily to make it known.
Adults don't have more time for their offspring, they even whip themselves some more and force themselves onto their place of work.
Poverty didn't disappear. And the rich have even grown richer than they used to be.
The only thing that maybe has become different, making an interesting change in the pack of cards, that keeping secrets has become more critical for the states. Not only is it more of an importance for them to survive than before, but also the means to do it need to scatter because it is more likely that somebody might get something out and show it to the public. Not all people entrusted with confidential information still agree on or are convinced of keeping their secrets anymore.
Also, there has grown an echo chamber which specialized in picking these things up and spread it as their own propaganda, just like you're used to it from the notorious usual suspects.
This changes the game of what to believe and what not to believe.

Someone who died earlier and was sick of this system might find its joy with the new circumstances...
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Erinnert sich noch jemand daran wie es gegen Ende der 90er der größte Zeitvertreib auf dem PC war, Moorhühner zu schießen?

Somebody remembers still how, at the end of the 90s, it was the biggest time killer on the PC to shoot up grouses?
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As a pick-up of this:

People talk a lot about their alleged individuality, but when you go through the interests displayed by their social media profiles - and there cannot be made the suspicion they only enter it for distracting other people from guessing their could be something important to get from them -, you come across the same kind of contents over and over again. Privately in real life, it's barely different.
During these years, movies are not the big players in the game, music had been so for a longer amount of time and is no more - due to the various possibilities to go for what they call "your thing" -, literature is something that still passes some people, so TV series are the bigger craze; that's also due to cinema being repetitive and bringing up no new ideas during this episode, doing remakes of everything and nothing they ever created in Hollywood.
And what is the case? Everywhere you go, each country which you come across, people seem to name the same things over and over again as the things they like and the things they are interested in. Nothing against quality, but these days you cannot spare but regarding all of that under some kind of forced political agenda. Eventually - why is everyone excited about content exceptionally mostly produced in the US?
Why do people eat each and every shit of a TV series coming from America?
The biggest gimmicks these days are turning 12 Monkeys into a TV series and the Scream movies! Like they haven't been good enough as they were made!
And people even get excited about content that newly filmed shit! Like they didn't know what originally was supposed to happen!
Why do people worldwide know nothing more than to watch Game Of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Hannibal, Person Of Interest, The Blacklist, Black Sails, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad - a few years earlier: Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Glee, CSI: Miami (and its offsprings from other cities), Navy CIS, Hannah Montana, Taken; even earlier: Emergency Room, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, Dr. House, Lost, Desperate Housewifes, Sex And The City, King Of Queens, Gilmore Girls - Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy and so on?!
Are people that stupid or easy to impress that American filming industry always finds an easy way to push their buttons?!
The type of that people which watched all this shit as it was current are those kind to have a habit to tell all tell all Manga / Anime freaks that it's all the same which they consume as an entertainment - that they consume anything that comes from Japan in comics, cartoon movies and video games -, but they themselves are none of the better, only with a different focus of attention!!
Brainwashed and Americanized!
And by that kind of people you wanna be taught a lesson about "being individual" and thinking yourself?
They are as individual as a stencil! They can think from the West side to the East side of the road!
They don't even take notice how much they are like their neighbor!
At the latest since Ikea has become the main sponsor of furniture for lots of apartments, they don't even notice how much even their living room looks like the one of the neighbor!
And those rave the most about being individual, being special and being one in a million that needs to be cried for when they die!
You know what? If you wanna get an opinion about mankind, just fucking look at this targeted remote control and see for yourself!
All fucking caged full purses imagening they're someone and they live in wide open lands.
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It't just a shame, if you have to turn your back on your asserted political direction, or your asserted subculture, just because those people that are in it are so stubborn, narrow-minded and willing to perceive anything that makes you, in their eyes, be no-one that belongs to their roundel.
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"The storms of fate cause misery for many, and few will be able to calm them once they start."

Leknaat, Suikoden II

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Deutsche Kultur - welche deutsche Kultur? Etwa die amerikanischen Fernsehserien, die du dir ansiehst?
Die amerikanische Musik, die du dir anhörst? Oder die amerikanischen Markenprodukte, die du konsumierst?
Schreist "Rettung der deutschen Kultur" und regst dich nicht einmal über die letzte Rechtschreibreform auf. Oder dass außer Krimis und Telenovelas nichts ursprünglich deutsches mehr im Fernsehen läuft.
Kennst wahrscheinlich nicht einmal die letzten zwei Bundespräsidenten vor dem aktuellen Amtsinhaber.
Wenn jemand das Wort "Schiller" erwähnt, dann winkst du ab und liest doch lieber deine Mangas.
Statt dich bei deinem lokalen Radiosender zu beschweren, dass außer deutschem Schlager keine deutschsprachige Musik gespielt wird, schwenkst du lieber deine Fahne und erzählst von großem Partriotismus und wie sehr du Deutschland liebst. Beschwörst große Formeln und Zaubersprüche wie wichtig es dir ist, und letztes Jahr war es das noch nicht. Wenn dein Land dich zum Kriegsdienst rufen würde, würdest du dich noch als erster im Keller verstecken.
Weißt du wie man das nennt? Das ist nicht besser wie die, die ihre Fahne zu einer Fußball-WM entdecken.
Aus dem Alter für solche Spielchen wächst man heraus, spätestens wenn man Anfang zwanzig wird.
Nur für Jugendliche ist es wichtig, zu einer Gruppe dazu zu gehören, dass sie dafür alles tun würden.
Bevor du große Sprüche klopfst, fang an, dich um Dinge zu kümmern, die du ohne das Schwert lösen kannst. Wenn dir das zu langweilig ist, dann war es wohl nichts mit der Wichtigkeit.
Sie war nur ein Filter auf deinem Objektiv.
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Artists that are able to live solely of their art only can exist in capitalism.
By the trading and contracting of media rights and copyrights millions and billions of units of a currency get exchanged which in the end (maybe) lead to the circumstance that an artist is able to live on his creative works.
If those deals don't exist, an artist has to do a normal job to finance his life - or he needs to suffer from poverty.
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What kind of role models do young males have these days?
Okay, you can go with your father, you can go with your brother, you can go with any other male relative you're close to or that exists in your regular surroundings.
But what if none of that exists?
What, if none of that is good for anything, do you have to offer as a replacement?
For the youngsters, you may have a little yellow sponge, but be that TV show as stupid as it is. Aside from that, you barely have some catchy figures that reflect a character which gets stuck in your head.
For the elders, media offers a few superheroes, depending on where you live, and some wannabe figures and epilepsy causing action figures whose profile as a person is very flat or not acurately reflected due to them being actually suited for a more adult audience.
The almost matured do already have the musicians left, and some more or less flatened video game figures which do nothing more than shooting abstract figures and some humans.
The musicians partly can be used as a role model- strongly depending on who it is.
The wider the age turns up, the lesser you find some.
The last instance are some old-aged action heroes from the last century.
Apart from the numeral appearance, does that carry some variety?
If you look what had been done on the side for females, it is downright a shame.
Females can be the clever one, females can be the heroines, they can kick somebody's ass, they can kill people, they can be sensitive, they can be a mother, they can be a boss, they can earn money at all, or they can just be the princess in the pink fairy tale land.
In some rare occasions they're even allowed to be the antagonist.
What media offers as a role model for males simply can be reduced to the sharp shooter on his never-ending quest to destroy everything, being downright stupid all the time or playing the kong trying to impress the ladies and defending his territory.
Aside from that, the only thing you get offered otherwise is the softie that nobody likes. - Or, to be exact, that the females like, but his own members of the same sex detest because his touchy-feely kind gets him more female companion.
The media also continues to enhance those types.
Compared to the change that had been done to role models for females and the change still being done, it is an evidence of incapacity.
Especially because female role models become a topic over and over again, but male ones get completely locked out.
Like "males know how males behave from the moment they're born".
In regard to the fact that lesser and lesser boys grow up without their fathers (Gayropa ≠ gay: "If you ask why there are no men in the West or wannabe strongs, then ask why their dads were so proud of them that they needed to disappear"), more surrounded by female educational personnel and women in care positions, and lack of reasonable male figures in their close environment this issue becomes a serious problem.
Males become torn between trying to fulfill what society demands of them and their imagination of themselves.
They're missing a guideline how to please everyone else's needs while still maintaining their identity and their identity as a male.
Instead they get filled with clichés.
And the female educational and care personnel can't make up for that because women don't behave, women don't think and, above all, women don't feel like males.
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Warning: In some countries the following content may be 18+. However, this text is written according to the legal situation in the author's residental place. Continue at your own risk.

Gayropa (Гейропа), used as a term in Eastern hemispheres to mockingly describe Europe and the countries of the European Union. Associations may vary from "weakness" to the obvious, known in Western hemispheres too, but it also seems to cary a cultural aspect with it. "Gayropa is different from us, that's not what we want to live like". "We don't get the sense of it - so don't you stay away".
Stronger than in Western nations, the subject that this word tries to cover seems to be the fear of a country's nation being destroyed, by people refusing to get kids, by people deciding to live a life in constant ecstasy instead of going to work and fulfill their duties, by men and women stopping to behave like reasonable humans, by people getting softened and unwilling to do something for their country.
In Western nations, these arguments are also brought before when trying to denounce this way of life as unethical, but it seems like they don't care anymore. They don't need anyone to be partiotic or sacrifice himself for more than a job.
Western world depends on people not knowing what they do, people being too softened to stand up for anything and caring for inessential nonsense. If it was crowded with intelligent minds, its system would collapse.
They need them to be selfish and capricious like a little child.
In order to ensure that, they foster life circumstances and take advantage of the laziness and thoughtlessness of the people. Adults being too busy with their lives, having no time to educate the kids, sitting nearby and underestimating the power of screens. Mothers arguing "this little bit of watching TV won't hurt my child", parents discussing if their child needs a smartphone to be up to date in their social group.
Children get flooded with lots of knowledge they don't need to know. They get fixed on TV shows that teach them a whole lot of nonsense, but nothing about the reality around; they get shaped to gain trust in certain enterprises and later become their customers and they get trimmed to massive insatiability.
They don't get encouraged to develop values or something like a sense of justice, they don't receive incentive to share self-evidently or pay attention to starting with equal means.
First thing they get taught when they get outside is: Be the strongest, be deceitful and take what you want.
Adults aren't different either. Either grown up in this brainwashing or having turned to this in their later years, they also let themselves be controlled by what some editors invent or enterprises suggest. Rather they take for granted what a newly thought-up show tells them instead of a book whose knowledge has been proven for a couple of decades.
Awfully enough, they keep influencing each other. Telling themselves how much right and how much wrong the fiction is which they carry around in their heads.
But the very worse is: They don't realize how much it turns them into wimps.

It's not who they desire - it's feminization based on a cliché, the trashing of what they gain their knowledge from, the lack of teaching what is nessecary, the abscence of structure one can rely on.
How can you turn someone into a war hater? Teach him war is a game and everyone is going to leave the battlefield alive.
Western education has become a trash can; that is why they're weaklings.
They don't know what they can do effectively, and they don't care because they're busy with stilling their addictions at first.
They got used to their safe haven and that there's nothing they need to do.
This phenomenon is not solely reducible to a certain group with special preferations - it applies to all of them.
If you ask why there are no men in the West or wannabe strongs, then ask why their dads were so proud of them that they needed to disappear, why there's mostly women in educational jobs and why there's TV steadily addressing cliché womens' needs.
If you really are interested, ask why there's constant talking about losing weight on TV, about looking pretty, household hints, facebook trends, and why there's always a report about someone who wants to change sides from male to female but never the opposite.
They want them to be wimps! They want them to more care about the way they look than what's in their heads!
They want their boys to be dependent on their mothers and their girlfriends!
They want them to turn into a copycat of wimpish role model that they created!
The more they turn into, the more they can be controlled, addressed, manipulated by what these media say.
But if this specifically has to do with who you choose as a mate... Would you leave what you have and change to queer just because someone tells you to?
Media want to disgust. They want their audience to feel discriminatory saying something against running around like a parrot. They want them to solely link this kind of lifestyle with being gay.
They know nothing about the substance and they're not interested. Just the same as with the wars they report about. There's no other interest than selling, disgust, getting you stuck, and ratings.
What you see through them is nonsense.
If you really want to know what it's like, better ask the ones who are affected by it. And nobody else.
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Distraction can be easy.
Sometimes a sport event, sometimes a plane going down - sometimes even a constructed event to keep the minds of the humans busy.
Oh, did you hear this? Oh, did you see that? Person X is an asshole, he evases taxes. That one tried to harm a woman. That one killed his kids. That one tried to raid his school - we need to ban all guns except from army and police. Oh, and did I forget - celebrity A needs a new mate?
It's as easy if some news fall back for that.
Sometimes you don't even need that kind of treatment.
People being busy with their lives, struggling for survival and looking for something to relax can also be enough. Being too tired from caring for their own lives, there's also left no power to care for something else.
In combination with habits of civilization the cure has already taken effect.
Playing video games and watching TV isn't going to save the world.
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Nachtrag zur Äußerung "Glaube an Fiktion":

Es bliebe kontrovers zu diskutieren, was von beidem schädlicher ist: Entweder wenn jemand mitansieht, wie einem anderen in den Kopf geschossen wird, und Blut und Gehirnteile aus dem Schädel des Opfers herausquillen, oder wenn das Opfer ohne sichtbare Wunde zusammenbricht und liegen bleibt.
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Realitätserfahrungen sind die Lebensversicherung gegen die Verdummung durch von Menschen geschaffene Kulturprodukte.
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Die Deutschen werden eigentlich vor einer ganzen Menge Dinge beschützt.
Viele Videospiele und Filme, die im Rest Europas und der ganzen Welt frei zugänglich sind, erscheinen in diesem Land nur gekürzt oder gar nicht; viele Erwachsenenfilme ereilt das gleiche Schicksal.
Wenn man einem Ausländer erklären soll, dass manche sogenannte "Kultfilme" in diesem Land sogar verboten sind...

Wenn man sich die Sache näher ansieht, wird man das Gefühl nicht los, dass das deutsche Kriegserbe noch lang nicht begraben ist.
Hauptsächlich dreht es sich um Gewaltfime.

Es ist anderweitig schleierhaft, warum man behördlicherseits eine solch abgrundtiefe Abneigung gegen Gewalt sichtbarer Art pflegt - während man mit unbekleidetem Fleisch selbst im Mittagsäther kein Problem zu haben scheint. (Obwohl man dieses in seinem pädagogischen Wert für Minderjährige mindestens genauso anzweifeln kann.)

Vergleiche man es mit anderen Ländern, bei denen diese Items weitaus zugänglicher sind als hier, statistisch lässt sich kein Grund für diese Übervorsicht daherleiten. (Anderer Aspekt:
Zumal die Deutschen sich nicht zwingend mit Waffen über den Haufen schießen oder sich regelmäßig totschlagen, dafür aber die alltäglichen Gehässigkeiten sehr gut beherrschen.
Neid auf des Nachbarn größeres Haus; sich in der Arbeit mit allen Mitteln nach oben beißen; Menschen denunzieren, um sich selbst besser zu fühlen; Gerüchte in die Welt setzen - Mobbing in allen Lebenslagen. Manchmal auch mit Hilfe der Justiz.

Der Deutsche hat vielleicht eine andere Vorgehensweise, um seine Aggression an die Oberfläche treten zu lassen... Am Ende kommt dabei aber das Gleiche heraus.

Andere Länder sind nicht pauschal aggressiver als die Deutschen und der Deutsche ist durch seinen "Erwachsenenschutz" nicht weniger aggressiv als andere Länder.

Vielleicht ist er sogar aggressiver.

Unwissen stellt ein nicht geringes Risikopotential dar.
Vor allen Dingen in der Position der Deutschen.

Wer vergisst, dass seine Faust einen Menschen töten kann, der läuft Gefahr, seine eigene Zerstörungskraft zu unterschätzen.
Schutz ist nicht immer die angebrachteste Methode, um für Frieden zu sorgen.
Manche Menschen wollen gern Krieg führen.
Manche Menschen wollen den anderen gern beneiden.
Manche Menschen wollen auch einfach nur ihre Ruhe haben.

Vergesslichkeit gegenüber der Gewalt bewirkt irgendwann, dass man schnell zu ihr greift, weil man sie als nicht allzu drastisch erachtet.
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It is no wonder that humans spend more time before their video game consoles than in real life.
If each game was designed that way that one chapter takes at least 3 hours, it is clear that the player will invest a lot of time to see some visible progress - time he does not spend in his real life.

In earlier times, the same result seemed not to be reached by large contents, but through the addicition factor of playing the story over and over again.

If anybody wants to do something on that, my guessing leads me to the thought that you would need to direct your requests to the producing industry. Why they design video games the way they do it, why they always need to enlarge contents and if they do not guess it is slowly better for their own race to reduce the extent of their products.

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