matrixmann: (Something's happened here...)
Someone already took a close look in the stores?
Satan has already moved in again.
Well, actually, Satan directly still keeps missing - the dude with the red dress and the red hood.
But his friends, called "Christmas stollen", "lebkuchen" and "speculoos", have already moved into the shelves to occupy them for the next few months.
Maybe chocolate, the usual candy and the devil himself are going take up their positions soon too?
matrixmann: (I see with the eyes of a hunter)
Long working hours and long range distances to drive steal quite a chunk of time from one's normal daytime to live.
Cooking and preparing of meals made with fresh ingredients take a bit of time too, so it's a question of: What do you want more? Sleeping or eating healthy?
Pretty often it's sleep what people "decide" for. Not only decide, but their bodies barely leave them a choice. Being worked down and tired is a thing that can't be overcome except for if you dope the body to strength and alert levels that it naturally only has when danger looms.
But your body doesn't have the energy left to play scenario "danger" every day, so it's going to decide for sleep in the long term development.
So, what will you do with your hunger which is present at the same time?
Yes, grab things that don't take much time to prepare. If you can even skip the whole preparation-process, your mind will decide to take those foods which can be consumed quickly. Those without requiring much effort from the state "ready to eat" to getting them down your throat.
So you have one more hour to rest.
If you'd need to prepare all your food after work still so that you can eat it, which time of the day you still wanted to get some sleep? After all those long working hours, long ways home and the irregular callings "Quick! You gotta come! Someone else didn't come to work, you need to compensate!"? You never really have time to take care of proper nutrition of yours. Not even to speak of the energy that's missing on you. That's why societies that rely on such a model for work literally are in need of such processed junk foods. Time for hand-making is not there, but food consumption still remains a vital interest of the human body to go on existing.
So they think of adding everything to the food prepackaged, that people (workers) can enjoy full supply with nutrients without still needing to bring in much effort themselves.
But, the chemicals and additives they put into the food to get it ready to eat and prolong the decay of the meals, in the end, prove more harmful to human health than they do good.
In other words: Those chemically boosted foods are none the better than if you ate an apple with a drip of sauce made of sulfuric acid.
matrixmann: (Thinking)
The Matrix is something that is real.
No, you're not stuck in a computer game wired onto you for your life, so you don't notice you're a battery for a machine.

All that you believe in, all that you think is right and wrong, all correlations that exist materially between one and another thing, that is The Matrix.
The way you got taught the path functions like, the way your mind thinks, based on these lessons and experiences, the way the world works like, and the way you believe - loosely based or even melt with these thoughts - the world functions like.
In other words: The imagination in your brain that you have about the world. That is The Matrix. The REAL one.
You don't even need a computer simulation for that as your brain is already capable enough of fooling itself and keeping itself in a dream world that is not as the reality is like.

Materially spoken, this equals as if you believe in gravity and that humans can't jump a 100 meters far, just like in the movie. Only with the difference: The reality surrounds you even though, dictates the base for the impressions your senses make. You can try if the belief in gravity is nonsense, but if it's there, it's gonna strike you dead even though. There is no computer simulation between you and the reality that feels real, but isn't.
The belief in nonsense is gonna bring up consequences for you right away. There's no second try or "Wanna continue?"-question. Dead is dead.

Speaking in terms of which the reality is full of virtual constructs that create a Matrix in your head that exists unconnected to the reality, that becomes a virtual dream world like in the movie,
it's, for example, if the doctor tells you that the pills help, but you feel more and more physically miserable. If you think, in plundering and destroying a supermarket you harm the big players in capitalism. If you assume that hard work alone makes you become someone someday.
Or, if you believe that buying things make you happy. If you think owning a house and a fat car, a spouse and children adding to that, are the universal recipe to make everyone happy. At all, if you think that it's perfectly normal that all people need to be married when they're 30, and so you need to be too. If you think every follower of a religion must wear the visible symbols of this religion just to be a member of this belief.

All of these things that you assume to be true without asking, create The Matrix for your head. The virtual reality you live in, the world which you think is true, but that is only like a full-scale computer simulation.

If you want to awake from it, want to know what is real now and what not, consider: There's no-one like Morpheus who can tell you that this overall thing you got running in your head is a lie. That there is some other reality and this is the one you can hold onto because it's real.
Even reality is only what people discover to be factually wrong, the way it was previously assumed.
There is a lot of factually-based recognitions that can help guiding you on your way, which you can trust because they've been proven to work this way, but it's not like all of reality has been cleared that way already.
In your search for a world whose concept is logic again, you've gotta walk many ways and open up your senses.
The famous question "Why do my eyes hurt?" - "Because you've never used them before." remains vital for all of your existence. And you can't always choose which one becomes the bitter truth for your life. If you got a deadly disease or cancer, you can't also choose to just have a stomach ulcer, can you?

The Matrix is... the cage you lock your own mind in. The prison you set for your own thoughts and feelings. The factual truth that you don't want to see - as well as the weird fantasy you declare for yourself to be true, even though it isn't.

The way out of this is... observing what happens to the left and to the right of yours. Going researching on your own. Wanting to know things exactly. Accepting at all, when something you got taught to be a certain way, is totally wrong factually.
When you don't want to stay with what you've been given as information from the world.
If you notice, things aren't correct that way you got told, and you don't decide for ignoring or blaming yourself for not understanding it or not being able to fit in.
matrixmann: (Default)
"A reason why a state must remain neutral and clean of religion and mercantilism?
To serve all people equally and to maintain a public education system that teaches children by science that antibiotics won't make their head fall off, a car is no living monster to sit in, carnivores can't subsist on grass, potatoes not gonna eat you and that water doesn't poison plants in general."
matrixmann: (Yuber Suikoden I)
Information vanishes when the last one to tell it dies.
matrixmann: (I see with the eyes of a hunter)
Die Tomatenpreise schießen diesen Winter wirklich durch die Decke. Bei den großen sehr, bei den kleinen nicht ganz so immens, aber auch spürbar.
Es ist jetzt schon die dritte Woche (wenn nicht sogar mehr), in der man, außerhalb von Angeboten, nicht unter 2,50 € das Kilo fündig wird - selbst bei den billigsten Discountern. Wenn es in Richtung 2,50 geht, dann stehen die Aktien gut! Es geht noch böser, im Bereich von 3-4 Euro pro Kilo.
Von einer miserablen Ernte in Nordafrika oder Spanien war nichts zu hören, also gehe man erst mal nicht davon aus, dass es daran liegt.
Aber, es sind jede Menge Leute gen Europa aufgebrochen, die alles haben stehen und liegen lassen.
Ist es Verschwörungstheorie oder Fake News, wenn man sich dazwischen einen Zusammenhang denkt?
matrixmann: (Thinking)
First, there were fights over religion, then it was political ideologies, now it's about which food to eat.
Mankind really is bored like an overdeveloped ape with too much free time on his hands, isn't it?
matrixmann: (Black suits comin')
Insects, mammals or plants,
Fish, apples, eyes or some ants,
We all kill a thing
to survive,
we all let it happening
without a cry,
it doesn't matter what you eat,
in the end we're all equally

We all take someone's life and don't give a shit,
we all are hungry and kill for our bit,
in the end it's all someone's lie
(that nobody dies)

You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood

(mockery) Maniac...

Claws, hoofs, fins or human hands,
Teeth, snouts, tongues, scales or slimy glands,
We all rob a thing
of its life,
we all let it happening
without a cry

It's only humans which create drama about it,
It's only humans which hesitate from their bit,
in the end it's all someone's lie
(that nobody dies)

You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the
Got killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood
You've got the killer in your blood

(mockery) Monads, come to me...

(repeats of the refrain and of the verses can be done at will; only keep it in a logic order)

Musical genre: Hardstyle (Electronic)
matrixmann: (I see with the eyes of a hunter)
Was essen Veganer und Vegetarier eigentlich, wenn sie zu Zombies geworden sind?

What do vegans and veggies actually eat when they've turned into zombies?
matrixmann: (Yuber Suikoden I)
"Freedom" and "free travel" are just gifts to the young generation which don't know a world before this was visibly in effect, but they're just breadcrumbs to manipulate them, to get them in favor of that current system that reigns, to make them think if that is gone, they live in a dictatorship. Not even thirst, nor hunger, nor freezing, nor even finding any kind of clothes to keep you warm and protect you from bad weather should make them think they live in bad conditions, it should be that they can breathe no unfiltered air and that they can't spend money on whatever they want which they borrowed from banks anyway.
That way the system wants hold its position and even make sure that, if these young, spoiled and manipulated people that run aroud with twisted priorities in their heads don't get their will, they will become aggressive to take their will from anyone they perceive as standing in their way to get it. And that makes them vulnerable to extremist ideas to even kill people if only they get from the act what they wanted in the first place.
matrixmann: (I see with the eyes of a hunter)
Lobby groups - grassroots - enterprises - paid suit whores - it's hard to tell the truth between all these things. Everyone works for the well-being of his interests. Even those ones which tell you all the time they want to do something for you. And they grab all nessecary means what it takes to get their interests realized. Be it a group that commits itself to refugees or that campaigns against them - where do you wanna know from if not on both sides money-heavy interest groups stand and want to get their will? Where do you wanna know from if it's a conspiracy theory?
The world is not seperated in angels and devils. Everyone's got his dots on the vest.
All like to make money out of you. They all like to make some profit out of you which gives them power over a part of the world.
It's not like capitalistic habits made their way around civil rights advocacy groups.


17 May 2016 05:36 pm
matrixmann: (Yuber Suikoden I)
One thing everyone needs to be ready for: If you tear down the current system, it means your current state of wealth is going to vanish too. The gadgets, the electronic devices, the oversupply that you use - is tied to the current economic and political system. If you make it go away, these things only keep existing as a remembrance of different times. There are no more of these things getting produced, the food chain needs to be rebuild from the basic local infrastructure.
There are going to be times of shortages and deprivation again over a certain amount of time.
matrixmann: (Waiting for command)
Why does someone feel the need "to protect all the babies"?
Why does someone see the need to protect someone that he doesn't know - that he will never get to know and that he doesn't care about apart from only his purpose?
Doesn't he see that, when all people that were conceived in a developed country would survive and grow old, that the population number was far higher in his state and that the battle for resources, for places to live, jobs, food, water, electricity, fossil fuels and health care services, would become far tighter than he is used to it currently?
Doesn't he see that most of the population that benefits from abortion and contraception measures is the poor class that is able to spare it to themselves to care for children which they couldn't feed?
Would that be a desirable state for him if the world was overgrown with poor people?
Would that be a desirable state for everyone if the world was overgrown with people - which you don't know how to feed, how to supply and where to get the resources from for their needs?
Why would you get upon the idea to feed them, you ask?
Why would you be so stupid to risk a scenario in which billions of people stand against your class with not even a billion in number?
Are you that eager and confident you would survive this if it came to battle?
Whether you want it or not, the poor people born will always long for resources and try to get access to them, just like you do. And they will always manage to achieve this in parts.
So - do you plan on colonizing another planet earth that is not in sight just to keep this demand for energy at bay that it won't threaten your comfortable wealth, or do you finally see why there needs to be some reason in this topic?
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Do you think you can just live only on an open society?

Do you really think that is enough to feed hungry mouths?
matrixmann: (Ready)
It's a shame: A box of tomatoes is more expensive than fruit chew. To be fair, you could say, measured by how many grams of a product you get, the tomatoes are the better grab, but - as long as circumstances like this continue being the way things are, it'll be a fight like Sisyphus with the boulder up the mountain in getting people to practice healthy eating. Because the unhealthy food is financially reachable and more reachable than what people actually should eat. Declarations on the packages are not gonna use anything if it's just easier to get through with sweets and chips.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
On the occasion of another climate summit: If you wanna do nature a real favor, mankind needs to stop living like a lord and draw on unlimited resources - and not just China, India and all those countries which now start to develop to the standard of the so-called "first world countries".
They also need to stop in the West to regard it as a self-evidence to use and throw away, to regard it as a justified measure to invent new things, cut out the old ones and produce the new ones like there is no end only because they can't reach new economic growth with producing the old equipment, and to produce worse things like energy saving lamps instead of regular bulbs made of glass, plate and tungsten only because some lobbyist with no specialized knowledge says they're environmentally more acceptable.
Above all, as radical and evil as it seems, mankind needs to put on serious thought to the fact that their wasteful lifestyle isn't able to be reached by all people in the world if the world contains more than 7 billion people. Either you can continue and have the least percentage of the human world have access to this standard of living, or you need to step down and live very basic from what the industrialized world currently calls its "normality", or there can only be at the most 2 billion people throughout the world which live like that so the resources they consume is enough for this mass taken from one planet. As it neither is healthy for the earth as well as for other planets to exploit their resources of metal ore, nor it is going to cause the world a lot of joy being contamined by radiation that exists throughout space.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Actually, the whole thing about cost efficiency with great meat farms as it is today is eyewash.
The farms being far away from the potential customer, and the butcheries too, lead to long transport routes, which not only cost more gasoline than when they were in a radius of, say, 50 kilometers, the gasoline price all inclusive, but also the meat produced and carried into the shops walks right into the trap to be in the need of being long-lifely, so that the customer still has the rewards out of it.
All these measures and non-local availability make the price go hike up.
The highest price even comes at a different cost: Meat that comes in a further processed state and isn't in its raw state kept up living with being enclosed with oxygen in its package, it's in need for preservatives and other kinds of measures to slow down the aging process or to cover it.
So to say, the price at this kind of production method comes with the health of the one who eats it.
With transport routes that aren't scattered over half a continent only for "cost efficiency" and farms which cover large territories (and so: lange amounts of animals), there would be no need for any of this.
Not even to speak of the health of the animals that are going to be killed, but also all the pimp up treatments of them in the measure of "gaining more weight than is in the cow" and disease treatment (e. g. quick grip to antibiotics and other chemical bats).
The prices for meat also would drop because of the local supply and the greater scattered availability.
Meat that doesn't need to travel hundreds of kilometers before it lands in the shops, it doesn't burn that much expensive gasoline - not even to speak of "it doesn't produce tons of greehouse gases", it only produces a few ten to a hundred liters of them.
Plus, it would also generate a bunch of jobs because more separate farms require more personnel, over-economization like in huge farms is not possible, the local infrastructure that needs to get the meat to the customer also must exist, and more farms scattered around the landscape also need more butcheries scattered as to secure the shorter transport path.
In the matter of crops and vegetables similar effects maybe could be expected.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Is the reason for why militant veggies, vegans and animal protection advocates fight so uncompromisingly for animal rights because, when they think of "animals", they actually mean "mammals"?


24 July 2015 05:36 am
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
A hardship it is if you got a tree full of cherries and if you harvest them, you can't go to the store, deliver them and get yourself a few bugs for the load.

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