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Who wants a red button...

...should really pay attention that it doesn't say "self-destruction" on it.


19 August 2017 06:19 pm
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"I'm not afraid...!"
"So then, what is it that you do the next time a guy with an assault rifle in his arms appears somewhere near you?! Staying there and trying to stop him?!
No, you run away like the last time and all other times before!
That's what is called FEAR!
So, don't try to tell me shit!"
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"Which one of your oaths is the one more important to you?"
"Of course that oath to protect civil life from harm!"
"Then why don't you rebel against your superior when he just orders you to harm the people you swore to protect?!"
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A reminder in times where mass media declare recently deceased former chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Helmut Kohl "a person loving and always having fought for freedom":

In 1985, by the first government under chancellor Kohl, the change of the general law concerning the freedom of assembly had been applied that imposes a ban on wearing face coverings ("Vermummungsverbot") for most public events and a ban of protective gear such as armor of all kinds on these events.
Ever since then, the only right to assemble you have is to come around in your casual suit and to be recognizable for every policeman on this event at any given time.

(See post: (all links in German))
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2014: Raid on the regional administrations in Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv.
Beginnings of a war of extermination - and of reversing an illegtimate coup d'état, protected and organized by Western countries, as well as fighting for one's right to live not as a 2nd-class-citizen in the place you lived before.
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Ein Panzer hat keine Rücklichter und er piept auch nicht beim rückwärts fahren!

Tanks got no reversing lights and they don't beep while driving backwards!
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What would somebody say who died 10 years ago about the fuss that takes place today?
In politics as well as society as well as technology - how things in general developed during the last decade?
Would he think "the better that I have died, that's even worse than when I was still alive"?
Or would he say "I should have stayed, just to try to make a change in all these things"?
What about somebody who killed himself?
Would he be happy about his deed?
Would he scream in horror how the world has become, compared to 10 years ago?
What would his words be about Facebook, about streaming, about the current state the world is in - the economical crisis, the West's fight with Russia, the war in Syria, Libya, newly grown information sources that didn't exist back then?
Also, what would he say about culture, about current trends? About the rise of German Schlager, the dropping in the background of Hiphop, the rise of softened Electro House and the current remake mania in Hollywood?
What would he say if he heard that now it's a trend for the lost youth to travel to the Middle East and play "Call Of Duty" for real - voluntarily?

Sometimes it would be better if someone was alive again who didn't follow all these developments, just to give you a more distanced opinion, free from the political correctness of today, free from the frames and shapes which society and public likes to think in during current times.
Having been gone opens a door to potentially give you new ideas. Ideas you wouldn't have if you talked to somebody who's a child of his time and narrow-minded as the current episode is.
Too long ago may become a problem as the changes over 20 and 30 years or more are too huge for someone to comprehend in a small amount of time. There would be the danger of becoming overwhelmed by impressions.
Many things changed in a longer episode of time.

But even during the last 10 years, you have some things which totally took a major development, while you have others where you would say "business as usual". Nothing has changed.
The stupification of mankind hasn't stopped, quite the opposite, it has increased. Through the invention of smartphones and social media shifting from a text-based to a photo- and video-based issue. Bullying and mobbing hasn't vanished from the face of the earth, its results only have become quieter and no-one talks about it anymore loudly. Children themselves don't take a gun into their hands anymore nessecarily to make it known.
Adults don't have more time for their offspring, they even whip themselves some more and force themselves onto their place of work.
Poverty didn't disappear. And the rich have even grown richer than they used to be.
The only thing that maybe has become different, making an interesting change in the pack of cards, that keeping secrets has become more critical for the states. Not only is it more of an importance for them to survive than before, but also the means to do it need to scatter because it is more likely that somebody might get something out and show it to the public. Not all people entrusted with confidential information still agree on or are convinced of keeping their secrets anymore.
Also, there has grown an echo chamber which specialized in picking these things up and spread it as their own propaganda, just like you're used to it from the notorious usual suspects.
This changes the game of what to believe and what not to believe.

Someone who died earlier and was sick of this system might find its joy with the new circumstances...
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Maybe there's a reason why the American establishment wants to colonize Mars so badly: If they can build themselves a shelter on a distant planet, maybe they think "oh, now we can make nuclear war as we want, we don't need to have consideration for anyone anymore - if we want something, we get that something by all means!".
They don't need to care about the destruction anymore, but about the business value.


14 June 2016 08:42 am
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Many years ago, it was a craze to want to create a bloodbath at your school.
Today, you pledge allegiance to another group to go out killing lots of people.
Ask somebody who survived that first time and he'll tell you: "We had this all before. You're nothing special."
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Zombie squadron is ready,
there is nothing to lose
Intoxicated -
that is the way we choose,
brainless mindfuck -
formed by Mum and Daddy

We had all or we had nothing,
nobody taught us, so all we know is bumming,
they tell us to fuck off,
but got nothing in exchange,
they turn feelings off
and think we rearrange,
they never took care,
and now they tell they scare

You left us alone, but
all the things go on,
we learned to survive, odds
that we can go along
are vanishingly low and we - can't - give -
what you liked to see
we - are - mist -
the void's right inside of me!

The regiment stands,
gun in the hands, shot in the head,
the minds are washed,
drugged to numbness, promises sent
On a crusade,
our lives will end,
the lord is in change,
but the mission - no amendment,
no aim to live for,
lost in this world,
deception forevermore,
we destroy your every word

Show us the way to paradise
Show us the way to paradise

Death squadron is ready,
there is nothing to lose
Fully blinded -
the way you drove us to,
naive and small-minded -
formed by society

We gave all or we gave nothing,
nobody called us, so all we know is taking,
they tell us to fuck off,
but complain when we're gone,
they turn us the juice off
and think with it it's done,
they never took care
and now they tell we're nightmares

You left us alone, but
the kids showed they were not dumb,
we learned to survive, odds
that we still turn around
are vanishingly low as you - didn't - give -
anything to be,
we - are - mist -
the void's right inside of me!

On the bottom of things,
society dropped us,
and that's how we came to this,
it gave us no jobs, but
illusions how we gain a bit,
with nothing in hand
they know how we can never be,
they - know - how - we - get - stuck - in - sand,
fucking abusing me!
They - know - how - we - have - no - chance,
all day lied to me!

Shoot me the way to paradise!
I wanna die - for a better life!

This is a piece of occasional art. No personal incentives linked to it. Hence the tag "story writing".

Musical genre: Electronic


17 April 2016 07:41 pm
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What makes you a madman?
Does it make you one if you abandoned the hesitation to kill, to slit peoples' and animal throats, to survive, to have food or just to protect someone you hold dear?
Does it make you a madman if you feel no remorse, if you think that was right?
Does it make you a madman if you do that for money or on your own behalf?
Does it make you a madman if you call other humans "sheep"? If you dehumanize them and get your distance to judge them?
Does it make you a madman if you abandon emotions and if you regard everything through the lens of a rational mind?
Does it make you a madman if you decide to make decisions for others - what you think is best for them?
Does it make you a madman if you doubt the adulthood of the community?
Are you insane if you throw all that to their faces what they have suppressed just to buy a superficial hypocritical peace - that ends when all turn their backs on everyone?

Does it make you a madman if you cut the word "scum" into your arm and show it to the world like a trophy?
Does it make you a madman if you commit a crime while being intoxicated by psychosis and seeing stars?
Does it make you a madman if you kill someone while being in delusion and thinking you have seen Christ?
Does it make you a madman if you decide over the life of a few thousands through the wisp of a pen?
Does it make you a madman if you play with guns and feel joy with it?

Does it make you a madman if you jump off a skyscraper?
Does it make you a madman if you got blood on your hands and celebrate to not wash it away?
Does it make you a madman if you beat up the one who tortured you for your life?
Does it make you a madman if you know how to build explosives from simple household utensils?
Does it make you a madman if you consume culture and feel something totally different with it than the most?

Does it really need to be a butcher to be mad?
Does it really only need beastiality?
Does it really only need coldness and aloofness? Blood and guts?
Isn't it also madness if the mood of one can terrorize a whole area?

What qualifies you for the title?
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Watch the world go down...
You won't know when the next revolution knocks on the door. You won't know when the next big change in the world is pending and stands on the brink of claiming what it wants.
You'll only notice when you're in the middle of it.
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"There must be a Jesus-like figure for you so that you believe pain is real. Someone must expose himself before your eyes in public and suffer and bleed so that you think it exists, and that you don't turn your eyes off anymore because reflex doesn't let you.
You must be witness to severity, cruelty and brutality so that you know you're in the reality."
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New mandates for interventions in Africa and the Middle East - since hundreds of years these areas have seen nothing else than European big nations coming into their countries, trying to tell them what to do, cheating them with peanuts, and exploiting from them the assets that they want. Nothing has changed of that.
And you keep wondering why there is so much hate against the European nations in these areas? Why militant groups form that crave for nothing else than the beheading of these occupiers?
Or why people keep running away from there?
Development policy is not making a contract with a local tribal chief and supporting police training for building fences and borders - it means making that people can acquire their piece of the cake down there and that they can lead a decent life.
Every kind of military mission that does not have the goal to make this possible is doomed to fail sooner or later. So are politics which don't make this a particular goal of their activities.
Europe as well as the other foreign Western nations are condemned to be violently chased out of these areas as long as they don't get this and still regard every mission of theirs as small-contingent-mission that is soon to be ended without further notice.
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In the eye to achieve the world politics of their leaders, German armed forces are a joke. Undersupplied in finances, equipment, personnel and moral to know what you do and why and agreeing with it, you can see why they can't do more than training missions for other armed forces anymore.
Leading a war and "defending German trade routes", you can't do this with a host which struggles to fight recruits, which can only lure them by astronomic payments and which is not even able to take care of the basic education of the recruits due to periodic waves of budget cuts and failed reforms.
Let alone guns which overheat easily during use.
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War techniques change from army to structural war.
No area is restricted anymore.
From finances to markets to people to food to supply to natural resources, even to patents and to environmental standards, as well as known corruption, doping, tax evasion, known connections, drug traffic, weapon sales, international fraud - all of these territories have been approved to be used to cause another fraction damage which doesn't follow the desired order.
The ones fought on shall not realize what's going on until they're very much drowning in the soup. They shall be kept at a state until it's too late to notice. And, even if they understand whose fire they're under, they shall be kept too helpless to practically do anything against the scattered fire they've been put on.
Let them sleep until they've been surrounded and until they realize there are too many fronts to deal with at one time.
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Like a never-ending sea of zombies they come, running for the fence, pounding at the fence, crossing barbed wire, and overcoming every obstacle that is put on their way between them and their goal.
Those ones considering themselves to be "living" - their only way to fight back is run. Shooting is no option as there's not enough ammunition and not enough guns to find.
Civilization is put once again to the test if they can survive or not...


27 August 2015 09:04 am
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Trying to steal apples from a garden's tree while you don't know if someone is waiting inside the contiguous house with a shotgun loaded for vermin like you.
People ripping out culms of grass and catching birds because they're hungry.
Being raided while you only try to take a shit or a piss and getting raped in between.
Collecting half-way starved skeletons from a trench which look dirtier than pigs.
Sitting in the same space for days and weeks and hearing and feeling the projectiles roaring around your heads, and seeing they exist when your neighbor suddenly falls on his back with a bleeding hole in his head.
Getting locked in a building and suddenly you see fire.
Covering your body with a corpse because it's the only way of preventing freezing to death.
Developing hardness to take the smells, to take the views, and not puke every time.
Someone sacrificing his life so that others can live on.
Running away with your whole entourage to find a place where it's safe and crossing half of the world meanwhile.
Hiding in ships and trucks and hoping you don't run out of air before this thing arrives in a significant place.
Fearing to take a shower because it could be showering with toxic gas.
Being denounced, degraded, kicked, punched and slashed to a half-way death and dragged through the town.
Being picked on, pissed on, hanged on a lamppost because a troop coming from the local pub thinks so.
...This is war.

Unless the richest of the rich, the highest of society, get to know what war is like they are never going to refrain from committing it. Not unless there's no bunker to hide in, there's no safe island to flee to, there are also no stocks to feed on and not unless there's no medication and no medical treatment to get.
Not unless their war comes to them.
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This one can also be enhanced:

"Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten." ("No-one has the intention to errect a wall.") is one of the famous quoted examples for political lies about an "inhuman regime" acting against the interests of its own people and locking them in under a doctrine physically and mentally. It was made by Walter Ulbricht, then Staatsratsvorsitzender (chairman of the State Council) and factual acting ruler of the GDR, as far as you can say that on occupied territory.
It was said in a response to a journalist on a press conference that was held on June 15 in 1961.
About a month later, the Wall was errected.

Today one is capable to say, it was straight down a lie what he'd said.
But, no matter his own position, according to the circumstances of the time and the conditions that lead to this action, one gets also capable to say: Even if he did not support it, something would have been done anyway. He was not in the position to lay down any claims or decree any executive actions.
Others were entitled to.

So with historical cases known like this in the back of the mind, one shall come back to political decisions made in the present.
What do you expect? Do you expect anyone to tell you "Yes, we're planning for a campaign."? Do you expect someone to say "Half a year to go, then we will strike!"?
Do you really believe things ain't so while the arming is already in full swing?
What if someone told you that tomorrow "they'll shoot back"?
Would you pack you things or would you just stand there and laugh at him, calling him a fool?
If someone told you openly how it really is you would still consider it to be the most impossible. What do I know than my safe home? It can't be true.
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Type: Short story
Rating: 18+
Disclaimer: All original content. All fictional.

Running water circles around my fading skin. It flows through my hair, cooling me with waves that pulsate through the bearing mass. My mouth and my lungs do not resist to take it inside, making it gain control of my whole inner life.
It's like I've become a fish. I can survive down here, the lake gives me everything I need. And the algas and bacteria keep me clean of pollution.
Some time ago, I used to walk under the sun, but now it's nothing that I need anymore.
Either if it's dark or light, my face won't change. Even better I stay in the dark because the sun would burn it. The water won't preserve it either, because it can't stop the process of rot, but sun and high temperature will make it even go faster.
There's nothing I can do anymore - but at least I won't be alone.
Comrade M. lies next to me, his face touches my knee, and S. and E., who fought with us, don't lie far away. There are lots of others whose names I don't know and which brigade they fought in, but I guess, as we're in the same boat, we will make a good family.
Shame that we have no women here, but for sure, the comrades from the outside sooner or later will take care of it.
...My wound still aches and I think I have already seen a worm come through it.
Assault rifle fire. Pierced me a few times, I dropped immediately, and not a second later I could feel the blood running out of me.
Everything turns numb when you die, like when your arm or leg is falling asleep.
Perhaps this was due to losing my life-juice all over the place, but the same way, I imagine it happens anyway, also when you die from natural causes. It only happens a bit slower.
S. and E. didn't get it that well as me, they died in grenade launcher fire. It burned the whole of their faces and partly even their uniform was flared off their chests, which were charred to coal as well.
I can still hear their screams, even though I know they're alright now.
Must have been a terrible way to die; the street didn't look like it was there to drive on. The vehicle they occupied was destroyed as well.
I wonder what happened to the few of us who could get out alive. Did they run back to the base or were they captured? Did they hide in the bush and managed to shoot some of our enemies? Or were they eventually killed on the run, just like our kind?
I'm only sorry for not seeing my mom again. She will cry a lot when she hears that I've been killed in action.
I'm the youngest of three brothers, my siblings are also in this war too. She hasn't heard in months what has happened to them, where they've been or if they're actually still alive.
That's been as they came and conscripted me.
I'm sorry for her...
The muddy water still keeps blowing softly against my face. A thin layer has settled on my skin. Small little animals, of which I can see half of them.
Soon I will look like a balloon, and then one after another my flesh will melt 'til there's nothing left of me except my bones. Even my clothes will vanish, as far as they can be degraded by Mother Nature.
There will be nothing left of me, and if not the one who threw me in here kept track of that I lie in this place, no-one will ever know this is the spot where I've stayed.

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