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Sometimes when reading other peoples' blogs you think: You see they live in the same country as you - Germany -, but obviously they don't live in the same Germany as you live.
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Strangely quiet mass media are about concrete statistics in the current European refugee crisis. You never hear a number in nation-wide broadcasted media about how many people already had been deported back into their home countries again. Or you never hear about how the quotas are, how many people come from which point of the earth. There's only talking about Syrians.
Literally, possessing a Syrian passport is like owning a gold bar during these days.
And it must be fucking Russian media which actually ever tells about a number which they sometimes even took from publications made in the Western countries affected by the problem.
Why doesn't Western mass media report about this on a broader base?
...Well, it seems like there's not enough scandal in this.
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Something that appears in Western journalism regularly and is missing in articles written by a journalist from Eastern territories: Going down into personal stories and details of the people allegedly interviewed.

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In entourage to the circumstance that Germany grows to be a major power once again, it seems like it also calls those people from underneath the rock which like to rewrite history - which had to hide for a few decades because there was a huge war in their backs, one superior power that kept paying attention that they would not grow that great and independent again so they could become a threat to their interests, and one superior power opposing them, threating them with force should they grow that big again that they played with the thought to extend their sphere of influence.

Another note on this here:
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One thing to notice: West won't understand East as well as East won't understand West.
The only difference - East always got to understand West because their culture flooded the world, while West never made greater attempts to understand the world of theirs. They just judged with their mind-set and their values and kept so ever on.
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On June 16 in 1953, on two large construction sides in the Stalinallee (Karl-Marx-Allee today) and the side of the reconstructing hospital Berlin-Friedrichshain work stoppages appeared, which formed a small protest march that went to the Haus der Gewerkschaften and Leipziger Straße. Haus der Gewerkschaften was the residence of the Free German Trade Union Federation which was in fact founded on March 18 in 1945 in Aachen, but was only grabbed and kept up in the Soviet occupation zone. Leipziger Straße contained the seat of the government at that time.
Refused to be talked to by the trade union leaders, they were told the news of the withdrawal from the Normenerhöhung at the side of the government building, however this didn't end the protest march, which then went to the inner-city and back to the Stalinallee in steadily growing numbers.
Meanwhile the march, choirs and a stolen loudspeaker van already chanted "general strike" and the public was called for another protest action on Strausberger Platz at 7 o'clock in the morning on the following day.

Assumedly in consequence of the reporting of the radio station RIAS (Rundfunk im amerikanischen Sektor, Broadcasting in the American Sector) about the protest, representatives of the strike movement went to the station and directly spoke to the intendant, who was Egon Bahr at this time. They wanted to proclaim the general strike via radio, however the station denied them this possibility.

On the next day, by the morning of June 17th 1953, a massive upheaval began to strike all over the country.
The staffs of the factories went on strike and formed protest marches, which went to the inner cities of big towns. Administration buildings of local politics as well as police stations and jails were occupied, dozens threaded to be, the police was overwhelmed and helpless by the power of the masses they had to face.

Centers of the protest concentrated in the area of the "chemical triangle" (Chemiedreieck) around Halle, as well as the towns of Magdeburg, Leipzig and Dresden - the biggest industrial and workforce gatherings.
The numbers of participants can only be estimated, varying from 400.000 to 1,5 million people.
However the crisis was enough to force the government of the GDR into fleeing into Berlin-Karlshorst under the protection of the Soviets - the place where the capitulation to the Soviet Union was signed in the night of May 8 to May 9 in 1945 and which was the headquarters of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany until the foundation of the GDR in October 1949.

The upheaval was eventually stopped by declaring martial law by the Soviet administrative bodies in 167 of 217 existing districts in the GDR, including East-Berlin. The Soviet army and tanks came into towns and by their sheer presence the turmoil soon lost its force. Even on the day it started, the army predominantly regained control over the proceedings of events, without making use of a single shot.

During the following days and the following month, scattered appearances of protests still took place, depending on the size and importance of the factory, but they didn't nearly reach the size or impact as the fallout on June 17th.

In the history writing of the GDR, this upheaval always remained as a "counter-revolutionary attempt of a coup" (konterrevolutionärer Putschversuch), while the day was celebrated as "Tag der deutschen Einheit" (German Unification Day) in the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) from 1954 until 1990.
However, the impression stated by Otto Grotewohl, Ministerpräsident of the GDR ( = premier, later called "Vorsitzender des Minsterrats", Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the GDR), in a declaration distributed by the Rundfunk der DDR (Radio of the GDR) at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of June 17th was not entirely by chance, as to RIAS played a big role in broadcasting and reporting about the uprising, especially in Berlin.
Even on the day June 17th, it aired a call of the senior of the West German DGB (deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, Confederation of German Trade Unions, founded on October 12th 1949 in Munich, active trade union until today) Ernst Scharnowski for the East Germans to seek for their Stausberger Plätze (transl. for understanding: squares) everywhere.

Modern history writing recognizes that without the efforts of RIAS the upheaval would have never become that powerful as it took place, but connections to a foreign initiated action right from the start could not be found.
The reactions varied from mourning (West Germany) to the idea "it's the Soviets' plan" (United States), "it was their right to end the turmoil" (Great Britian, Churchill), national insecurity (Soviet Union, especially in regard to Stalin's death on March 5 1953; Poland due to the same strategy of Normenerhöhungen in even a stricter manner) and declarations of sympathy (theoretist Edvard Kardelj from Yugoslavia).

The actual causes of this rebellion can be attributed to a chain of events and circumstances caused by the mistakes and early forced propulsive behavior of socialism by the leadership of the GDR and the Soviet Union, in distant liability also the policy of the Western Allies that ended up in the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany (→ Diversion of Germany).
In spring of 1953, there was a serious food crisis in the GDR due to the the lack of agricultural tools and machines that weren't newly handed out during the agrarian reform (Bodenreform). The year before, in fall, harvests had been very substandard - which in conclusion lead to a worse food situation than before the war.
In addition, the national budget for the military (for establishing the Kasernierte Volkspolizei, Barracked People's Police), occuption and reparation payments threatened to burst the capability of the state, which lead to the needs of raising and ever inventing new charges.
Investment mostly went into the heavy industry which had no base yet in the GDR.
In comparison, on the sides of the Federal Republic of Gemany, whose economy and supply stood pretty quickly again after the war, it was only a result of the United States' Marshall Plan that they could do so. Without the help of American credit financing and goods supply these "comfortable" circumstances couldn't have been brought up - which always went into ideological competition with the circumstances in the GDR.
The peak of the situation was reached as the Normenerhöhung was added, meaning "work more for the same money".
Although after a meeting in Moscow about the situation in the GDR and the pleas of the GDR-politicians remained unheard, a Neuer Kurs (New Course) was proclaimed. The Neuer Kurs policy was introduced not only into the GDR, but also into all the other satellite states of the Soviet Union. It contained withdrawals from new taxes, charges, rationing of ration cards for the middle class, restrictions to small private businesses, as well as offerings to farmers, people who left the GDR, easings to people who wanted their relatives to come to East Germany for a visit and intellectuals who wanted to attend conferences in West Germany. Students were taken back into schools and universities who had been driven out of them due to having religious beliefs. Also some rises of prices were revoked.

But the main problem the Normenerhöhung stayed, so that those relaxations did nothing to the working class.
In combination with the food supply problem, which couldn't be corrected until 1958 as ration cards vanished, the the blister of anger grew until there was a big bang - which was the upheaval on June 17 1953.
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Warning: In some countries the following content may be 18+. However, this text is written according to the legal situation in the author's residental place. Continue at your own risk.

Gayropa (Гейропа), used as a term in Eastern hemispheres to mockingly describe Europe and the countries of the European Union. Associations may vary from "weakness" to the obvious, known in Western hemispheres too, but it also seems to cary a cultural aspect with it. "Gayropa is different from us, that's not what we want to live like". "We don't get the sense of it - so don't you stay away".
Stronger than in Western nations, the subject that this word tries to cover seems to be the fear of a country's nation being destroyed, by people refusing to get kids, by people deciding to live a life in constant ecstasy instead of going to work and fulfill their duties, by men and women stopping to behave like reasonable humans, by people getting softened and unwilling to do something for their country.
In Western nations, these arguments are also brought before when trying to denounce this way of life as unethical, but it seems like they don't care anymore. They don't need anyone to be partiotic or sacrifice himself for more than a job.
Western world depends on people not knowing what they do, people being too softened to stand up for anything and caring for inessential nonsense. If it was crowded with intelligent minds, its system would collapse.
They need them to be selfish and capricious like a little child.
In order to ensure that, they foster life circumstances and take advantage of the laziness and thoughtlessness of the people. Adults being too busy with their lives, having no time to educate the kids, sitting nearby and underestimating the power of screens. Mothers arguing "this little bit of watching TV won't hurt my child", parents discussing if their child needs a smartphone to be up to date in their social group.
Children get flooded with lots of knowledge they don't need to know. They get fixed on TV shows that teach them a whole lot of nonsense, but nothing about the reality around; they get shaped to gain trust in certain enterprises and later become their customers and they get trimmed to massive insatiability.
They don't get encouraged to develop values or something like a sense of justice, they don't receive incentive to share self-evidently or pay attention to starting with equal means.
First thing they get taught when they get outside is: Be the strongest, be deceitful and take what you want.
Adults aren't different either. Either grown up in this brainwashing or having turned to this in their later years, they also let themselves be controlled by what some editors invent or enterprises suggest. Rather they take for granted what a newly thought-up show tells them instead of a book whose knowledge has been proven for a couple of decades.
Awfully enough, they keep influencing each other. Telling themselves how much right and how much wrong the fiction is which they carry around in their heads.
But the very worse is: They don't realize how much it turns them into wimps.

It's not who they desire - it's feminization based on a cliché, the trashing of what they gain their knowledge from, the lack of teaching what is nessecary, the abscence of structure one can rely on.
How can you turn someone into a war hater? Teach him war is a game and everyone is going to leave the battlefield alive.
Western education has become a trash can; that is why they're weaklings.
They don't know what they can do effectively, and they don't care because they're busy with stilling their addictions at first.
They got used to their safe haven and that there's nothing they need to do.
This phenomenon is not solely reducible to a certain group with special preferations - it applies to all of them.
If you ask why there are no men in the West or wannabe strongs, then ask why their dads were so proud of them that they needed to disappear, why there's mostly women in educational jobs and why there's TV steadily addressing cliché womens' needs.
If you really are interested, ask why there's constant talking about losing weight on TV, about looking pretty, household hints, facebook trends, and why there's always a report about someone who wants to change sides from male to female but never the opposite.
They want them to be wimps! They want them to more care about the way they look than what's in their heads!
They want their boys to be dependent on their mothers and their girlfriends!
They want them to turn into a copycat of wimpish role model that they created!
The more they turn into, the more they can be controlled, addressed, manipulated by what these media say.
But if this specifically has to do with who you choose as a mate... Would you leave what you have and change to queer just because someone tells you to?
Media want to disgust. They want their audience to feel discriminatory saying something against running around like a parrot. They want them to solely link this kind of lifestyle with being gay.
They know nothing about the substance and they're not interested. Just the same as with the wars they report about. There's no other interest than selling, disgust, getting you stuck, and ratings.
What you see through them is nonsense.
If you really want to know what it's like, better ask the ones who are affected by it. And nobody else.

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