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Is there a different way to win a war than sending troops and artillery?
There is: Do it the subtle way. Destroy the infrastructure, by selling and privatizing, to let your opponent pay off debts that actually don't exist. Erase the ability to do self-catering with home-grown food, introduce the dependence on imports. Carry technology and patents out of the country. If human intelligentsia can't be lured away, make sure they can't make any profit out of their knowledge anymore - forbid them to work in their disciplines, declare graduations and diplomas to be invalid. Abolish law and order and take your sweet time to install yours as the new ones - to let chaos move in, and crime take hold. Additionally, send your own criminals in to fool the masses and to let the daily terror on the streets be perfect. Pump your own wares and goods into the newly acquired territory - to calm down the conquered masses and to make profit yourself; best even is if you let it be accompanied by advertising and propaganda how good it is, how grateful people can be to have it, meanwhile you can do the dirty work to strip them off their assets. While being at the assets: Rearrange the overall property situation. If the pattern makes sense or not, it doesn't matter - the confusion and the gain for your own fraction is the main objective.
At the end of it all, most importantly: Break the morale, the mindset of the people that you annex. Deconstruct the education system and build it anew. Let culture disappear to be never seen again. Kill the spirit of what made these people up! Make sure that way that you're going to be happy with your annexion for the coming decades - 'cause the resistance fades away with the people aging.
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Be aware of the techniques of infiltration and defamation.
When you start a new movement, be aware that there's already dozens of various interest groups at the initial starting blocks to subvert and corrupt your new creation.
The goal is the following: Taming it. Making it a controllable thing for those which you try to overcome.
If they don't get it one way, they try the other one.
One of both always works because of the ability of human weakness and because of human naivety.
Strategic thinking is the only thing that is your insurance against that - being aware of it and countering it as soon as you notice the first signs of it getting closer to you.
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War techniques change from army to structural war.
No area is restricted anymore.
From finances to markets to people to food to supply to natural resources, even to patents and to environmental standards, as well as known corruption, doping, tax evasion, known connections, drug traffic, weapon sales, international fraud - all of these territories have been approved to be used to cause another fraction damage which doesn't follow the desired order.
The ones fought on shall not realize what's going on until they're very much drowning in the soup. They shall be kept at a state until it's too late to notice. And, even if they understand whose fire they're under, they shall be kept too helpless to practically do anything against the scattered fire they've been put on.
Let them sleep until they've been surrounded and until they realize there are too many fronts to deal with at one time.
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The more your position is endangered, the more the enemy lurks among the own population, fight it with discredit of what he does today and what he has done in the past.
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If negotiations demand the impossible of you, then you know: They want war.
They're not simply dumb, they act on purpose.
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Let them believe they're free.
Let them believe they know what's going on.
Give them something controversial to discuss.
Give them something they can make a fuzz about, but keep it easy to digest.
Let them think it's the only important thing around at the moment.
Make them blink to the bloodbath that is happening on their doorsteps.

Can be seen as extension to this one:
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Make them believe the grass is greener on our side.
Make them believe our media tell the truth and theirs is lying all the time.
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If the Germans ever do something that goes wrong again, nobody's going to remember that once there were two states of them.
They are just going to be "the Germans".

Even genocides are only a small chapter on the politcal stage.
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There's not always a need for soldiers and tanks.
Sound out all of your options.
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Not the seize of a gun matters.
Also balance counts.
A gun designed for long range may not be useful in close combat.
Weapons with great weight may also be defeated by smaller ones because the shooter is more skilled with them.
The worst thing is a gun you can't find ammunition for.
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Crisis in the motherland leads to freedom for its colonies.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Pretend times change.
In fact change nothing.
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Occupied land is a good servant.
Never let it slip off your hand.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Split and devide.
Let your enemy bash himself in, or at least weaken his military power by splitting his land into pieces.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
If you can't win the war conventionally, murder the head commander of your opponent fraction.
matrixmann: (Wasteland Ranger)
Report the death of a leader and you have a chance of demoralizing his troops.

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