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A reminder in times where mass media declare recently deceased former chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Helmut Kohl "a person loving and always having fought for freedom":

In 1985, by the first government under chancellor Kohl, the change of the general law concerning the freedom of assembly had been applied that imposes a ban on wearing face coverings ("Vermummungsverbot") for most public events and a ban of protective gear such as armor of all kinds on these events.
Ever since then, the only right to assemble you have is to come around in your casual suit and to be recognizable for every policeman on this event at any given time.

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7 January 2017 08:33 pm
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Whenever you keep seeing those big presentations and advertising of soccer events, you get the impression like the vision of a lot of dystopic SciFi authors or movie makers has come true: Shiny and glittering shows for the masses. Superstars to cheer at, heroes to believe in - and in the end, they're all created by some moguls that are kings of the mass media. For the purpose: To direct the view of the common people, to distract them or to get their looks to pay attention to the mass event presented which is not very much different from letting gladiators fight over their lives. They shall yell for their lives, think about nothing else except for that it's been a nice relief from everyday hard work or how they can become gladiators themselves, which they get shown in a way to perceive they're all paid with millions and a carefree life, everything to want and everything to look up at. And, what are they behind the curtains? Not the smartest, not the most moral, not the most honest - just a bunch of tragic figures which fulfill their task, but they're destined to realize only once they become too old to go on with that. Then the nature of their physical plague until that moment becomes obvious even to them.
But until then, new gladiators are found to take their places. And the masses go on yelling... Like, one or the other name, it doesn't matter. It's just some soccer players running for the amusement of some common people. Which somebody intended it for that it shall be this way.
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Mainstream TV news are infomercials for products and law changes made by big enterprises that shall satisfy artificial needs caused by the same such as fear and hysteria, but which never make it to do so 'cause they're cheap ideas and made of low quality.
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Le sentier de sang keeps unfolding...
...And still the one to cry the most about the dead doesn't want to admit it's all his own work.
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What would somebody say who died 10 years ago about the fuss that takes place today?
In politics as well as society as well as technology - how things in general developed during the last decade?
Would he think "the better that I have died, that's even worse than when I was still alive"?
Or would he say "I should have stayed, just to try to make a change in all these things"?
What about somebody who killed himself?
Would he be happy about his deed?
Would he scream in horror how the world has become, compared to 10 years ago?
What would his words be about Facebook, about streaming, about the current state the world is in - the economical crisis, the West's fight with Russia, the war in Syria, Libya, newly grown information sources that didn't exist back then?
Also, what would he say about culture, about current trends? About the rise of German Schlager, the dropping in the background of Hiphop, the rise of softened Electro House and the current remake mania in Hollywood?
What would he say if he heard that now it's a trend for the lost youth to travel to the Middle East and play "Call Of Duty" for real - voluntarily?

Sometimes it would be better if someone was alive again who didn't follow all these developments, just to give you a more distanced opinion, free from the political correctness of today, free from the frames and shapes which society and public likes to think in during current times.
Having been gone opens a door to potentially give you new ideas. Ideas you wouldn't have if you talked to somebody who's a child of his time and narrow-minded as the current episode is.
Too long ago may become a problem as the changes over 20 and 30 years or more are too huge for someone to comprehend in a small amount of time. There would be the danger of becoming overwhelmed by impressions.
Many things changed in a longer episode of time.

But even during the last 10 years, you have some things which totally took a major development, while you have others where you would say "business as usual". Nothing has changed.
The stupification of mankind hasn't stopped, quite the opposite, it has increased. Through the invention of smartphones and social media shifting from a text-based to a photo- and video-based issue. Bullying and mobbing hasn't vanished from the face of the earth, its results only have become quieter and no-one talks about it anymore loudly. Children themselves don't take a gun into their hands anymore nessecarily to make it known.
Adults don't have more time for their offspring, they even whip themselves some more and force themselves onto their place of work.
Poverty didn't disappear. And the rich have even grown richer than they used to be.
The only thing that maybe has become different, making an interesting change in the pack of cards, that keeping secrets has become more critical for the states. Not only is it more of an importance for them to survive than before, but also the means to do it need to scatter because it is more likely that somebody might get something out and show it to the public. Not all people entrusted with confidential information still agree on or are convinced of keeping their secrets anymore.
Also, there has grown an echo chamber which specialized in picking these things up and spread it as their own propaganda, just like you're used to it from the notorious usual suspects.
This changes the game of what to believe and what not to believe.

Someone who died earlier and was sick of this system might find its joy with the new circumstances...
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Addition to:

You know what you also lack if you find a hundred of people adulating themselves with a close-ranged spectrum of context in resonances?
If it was in writing, one could assume that all is written by one and the same person. Or a small bunch of persons, pretending to show diversity of opinions, but in reality all they do is fueling, deepening of social trenches. Manipulating the masses like all the others do.
You'd have trouble filtering the real persons from the fake ones and to believe in anything at all that they have said.
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Antoher ATO which is just another cover term for genocide and terrorism of the state towards its citizens...


10 March 2016 08:59 am
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Human rights are the biggest figleaf to cover up malicious actions in this time period.
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What always recurringly gives you a question about this is: How can journalists, newscaster and so on still join in the propaganda choir, although facts already speak, oozing out of every crack, that it can't be kept up anymore what they're telling? Why do they, even in the dawn of their downfall, still stick to the song they've sung for years, for decades? Because it's their job? Because they have dependants to feed and a flat to pay? Because they truly believe in what they're saying?!
This kind of journalist can only do what they do because they're in a safe place. They think like war's not goint to come to them. And even if it should do so for once, they run like rats leaving the sinking ship. Off to somewhere far, far away where they think nobody can grab them. Where nobody knows who they truly are and what they've done before. Acting the innocent and starting the new life that everyone else liked to have in the ruins they stand in because of the continuous babbling of these people.
You don't need to take out some Nazi propagandists just to find horrible blindness towards real circumstances. Look around and see, in a subtle way narrow-mindeds like these which cause thousands of deaths for nothing exist today, too. And as well as then, they're paid very well for the work they're doing - compared to the people which later must pay for the errors they made.
They can only hope that the friends they allegedly have later also are willing take them out of the shit if things should turn head over heels...

In case some want to lay hatespeech or physical threat into my mouth because of that text: Stop being ridiculous with your continuous search for possibilities to seize someone by the collar - and start to fucking read what it says there. Your hysteric associations in your mind are your work, not mine. Blame your fucking self for it, if you find anything offensive. I have an idea what you would like to create out of it and I tell you it's not my intention.
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Putting shows with critical content on air in the middle of the night when barely someone is able to watch is not democracy - it's an alibi.
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Some are still busy with digesting everyday's unfairness and sorrowing for being betrayed by the world and the state, while others have already understood: You're in the phase of managing the crimes and there's no need to feel betrayed over anything anymore.
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In that case the Gabber / Hardcore scene also always picked up a theme which can be considered as the plain truth: Isn't the whole fuss around consuming and advertising, in media as well as in the real world, also terror?
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Something that can also call "phony": German journalism talks like "those evil countries in Europe which erect fences and barbed wire to decrease the stream of refugees flooding their countries", but on the other hand the government that pays them and leaves them room to express the points of view, that doesn't forcefully switch to the test pattern whenever they raise their voice, it is there at the front giving aid and supporting those countries through the means of the EU to build measures to decimate the flow. They even send personnel or they send troops of Frontex which contains part of their personnel, and there is no caring about human rights or anything else that's not in the interest of their state.
What problem is there to honestly name this?
Or doesn't it suit the one who writes the agenda?
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War techniques change from army to structural war.
No area is restricted anymore.
From finances to markets to people to food to supply to natural resources, even to patents and to environmental standards, as well as known corruption, doping, tax evasion, known connections, drug traffic, weapon sales, international fraud - all of these territories have been approved to be used to cause another fraction damage which doesn't follow the desired order.
The ones fought on shall not realize what's going on until they're very much drowning in the soup. They shall be kept at a state until it's too late to notice. And, even if they understand whose fire they're under, they shall be kept too helpless to practically do anything against the scattered fire they've been put on.
Let them sleep until they've been surrounded and until they realize there are too many fronts to deal with at one time.
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Strangely quiet mass media are about concrete statistics in the current European refugee crisis. You never hear a number in nation-wide broadcasted media about how many people already had been deported back into their home countries again. Or you never hear about how the quotas are, how many people come from which point of the earth. There's only talking about Syrians.
Literally, possessing a Syrian passport is like owning a gold bar during these days.
And it must be fucking Russian media which actually ever tells about a number which they sometimes even took from publications made in the Western countries affected by the problem.
Why doesn't Western mass media report about this on a broader base?
...Well, it seems like there's not enough scandal in this.
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You join the mob, post everything that you have, and still you think like you're one in a million?
You share every content and what it really means you like to refuse to think further about it?

You join the party because it makes you feel less isolated and be part of a one?
You mindlessly are in favor of every new craze and being against it means a threat to democracy for you?

You're pathetic. You're a headless monster. You're what is perfectly usable as a soulless puppet.
Your ideals are made up of what the next media concern brews in his kitchen and your opinion follows what political correctness declares to be okay this day.
You don't think yourself, you're just a bit more than a fake.
You're directed by emotions worse than a parody of a soap opera.
You guess that your world works only by emotions because your logic gets a mistreatment from all sides.
You're made up of fun and dubiousness. Nothing is real about you.
You are what someone puts into you, and you believe it.
You are a shame before what is called intellect.
...Get a grip on yourself and disappear.
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After Greeks and Spaniards now refugees should become the fill for the often propagated "shortage of skilled workers" (in German: "Fachkräftemangel") which Germany's been officially crying about for years.
There's enough of own citizens looking for jobs for years, even people with special training, but the only things they get fed with are 400-Euro-jobs, subcontracted labor, uncertain work conditions and dubious training decreed by the job centers to keep their benefits. - And politicians and the industry have nothing else to do then trying to hire foreign workers all the time for something that their own citizens could do - while crying around besides that the costs for wellfare expenses explode?
It seems like nothing ever in the strategy of generating Germany's wealth has changed.
During the times of the 3rd Reich, it was the slave labor in the concentration camps.
During the times of 2 German states, it was West Germany soliciting, first for the skilled workers from the GDR until the Berlin Wall was errected, and then second for the gastarbeiter from Southern Europe.
After the reunification, once again it was gathering the people from the former GDR in West Germany, and soon as the enlargement of the EU progressed, it was the people from the Eastern European countries which still made profit out of their education in the states of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet republics.
As long as a fascist and post-fascist Germany wasn't in ruins and they were forced to deal with the people they had left on their own territory, they fed on the fruits of foreign countries.
Always they (respectively: their industry) found it more comfortable to let others train the workers they wanted to have. Gathering their wealth at the cost of countries they mocked about for their primitivity of life and mentality.
Always it was too expensive to invest something into its own people. They should only be left to the role of the consumer, and on the other hand they complain that these consumers have no money on their own or only have some because of "superfluous welfare".
If you want to be that evil - yes, it has been feeding on the misery of others for decades!
Sure it isn't the only country which has done so, but by far, it's one of the worst that you can find these days! Especially in regard to which image it tries to sell!

If someone wants to interpret "damage to one's own business" into this text - you see, it's just plain enragement. Nothing else. Nothing needs to be true of what has just been said here...
Everyone can do research on his own.
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Artists that are able to live solely of their art only can exist in capitalism.
By the trading and contracting of media rights and copyrights millions and billions of units of a currency get exchanged which in the end (maybe) lead to the circumstance that an artist is able to live on his creative works.
If those deals don't exist, an artist has to do a normal job to finance his life - or he needs to suffer from poverty.

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