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Advise to all arriving visitors:

If you share extreme political right-wing points of view, in fact if you call yourself a November Alfa Zulu India and look for a comrade, I'd advise you to better leave my territory.
I am armed, but I am none of your kind.
Get clear of this before you add me to your list.

For the dangerous times' sake:

Descriptions of violence in this journal are either a rhetorical device (Stilmittel) to convey content or part of a discussion.
Any similarities to living persons given at any time are purely unintentional.
Ambitions to harm anyone in the reality are NEVER given.

Political partisanship:

I'm one of the many people which watch the processes inside the big clockwork, for the reasons that it's either their job or for private hobby interest.
If you wanna chase criminals planning to kill any living persons, go some other place!
You only get on the nerves of an ordinary person!

Another content note:

This is an NWO-free zone.
If you like to cling to this theory or the other likes, you've landed at the wrong space. Spreading of these kinds of contents is not desired as it is highly speculative substance whose proofs primarily work in the minds of their believers.
If not subject of an entry, there's no wish in discussing that matter or making it available to an audience.

About sharing:

If one writes openly, he needs to live with other entities reposting his content.
As long as no-one tries to generate personal gain (money, damage to others), it'll be okay with that.
In other cases remains the possibility to link because links don't take away anything from the place it once was put out.

Anonymous commenting generally is enabled, unless spam occurred or somebody is trying hard to molest or have a fight.

"Summer of Hardstyle" is on! is over!

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Date: 23 July 2016 07:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Excuse me, what languages do you speak? I am just wondering, I saw you on guest stats but my blog is not in German or English, yet it seems like you probably wouldn't use your arms against me. Cause I am not right-wing at all.

PS WTH with all the puzzles? I am not a robot but it says I keep on failing them.
Edited Date: 23 July 2016 07:13 pm (UTC)

(no subject)

Date: 23 July 2016 09:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I speak English. I even have an article I had to translate for a friend (well, I was sort of lazy and used google translate for the most part), if you are interested I can add it and send a link. And I am going to add an article about Orwell and his "Animal farm", both in Russian and English soon. So if you are interested, you are welcome.

I, by the way, studied German in college. So I know how to say "Ich habe Kopfschmerzen". And some other stuff. I promise I didn't use google to look it up.

Well, about puzzles, I don't have them, maybe I should add them too. Now when you mentioned molesters. If an armed man is cautious of them, shouldn't I?

(no subject)

Date: 24 July 2016 01:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You know, there were lots of Germans that came to Russia in the 19th century to be tutors for some ranked individuals. England and France were the first industrial and capitalist countries and then Germany joined thus they were more progressive at the time. Nonetheless, capitalism makes you survive and they had to look for job in Russia. Take Tolstoy you will find some German characters in their work. I personally knew a lot of German people and they had generations living in Soviet Union. Very nice people, by the way. And rather stereotypical: very responsible, polite, perfectionist in everything. For the most part. But then after perestroika they migrated to Germany although many of them didn't even quite speak German. I'll tell you, my first love was a guy who was German and then he moved to Germany. I don't even know anything about him any more. Anyway, I see you have similar views as me and my friends, although we are probably more left and try to rely on the scientific theory of two of your great countrymen. I wonder if you guess who I am talking about? I consider them probably some of the greatest representatives of humanity. But if your views are extreme there, you can come to my blog and talk. At least, to me. And I can translate for you the conversations of other people if you become interested, although I don't have many so far. But of course it's up to you.

I will write right here also about male-female. You know I think you are right. I totally agree about feminism and about physical differences. I more or less think the same.So, thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.

PS I have been to Germany. Frankfurt, Munich and some other cities. Loved it.

(no subject)

Date: 24 July 2016 04:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, thank you for your reply. It is very interesting. But I am afraid that I am littering here in your top post, which talks about the rules of your blog, with topics not exactly relevant to the rules.

It is very interesting talking to you and getting a new perspective. When I say I have left views it is far from what American media is trying to sell as left. They think Obama is left. Yeah, right. I am not talking about European socialist that only call themselves so. I am talking about the scientific theory of Marx and Engels. And you should be proud that they are your countrymen. They were so ahead of their time. And you know what, even their enemies admit they have strong scientific basis and the theory is very sound. I don't remember whose quote it is but someone who thinks himself as part of the class of capitalists said, "I totally agree with Marx theory, only I am on the opposite side." Of course, two antagonist classes are supposed to fight for their existence. Nobody denies that the class of capitalist wants to preserve their hegemony. It is natural and expected. Well, anyway, even if you don't agree with everything I say, I feel we have similar views.

So, you can come to my blog and talk to me once in while. And I will come and read yours.

Thank you for a very interesting conversation.

(no subject)

Date: 23 July 2016 10:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry, one more thing.

I saw you had some tags about male-female.

We are discussing right now the issue of equality. If men should be equal to women. Well, they should. But my friends on my blog think that soon there won't be much difference between men and women and this is the ideal society, where there is no pressure for men to work hard jobs. If women are physically strong, they should work in construction, for example, or military. And men should not be pressured to provide for the family. I sort of agree but think that by nature the women are weaker and men are stronger and there is no need to try to eliminate this difference. I wonder what European men think about it?

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Date: 30 March 2017 03:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I keep forgetting how awesome the opening paragraph to this entry is. So sometimes I come back and re-read it. It always makes me feel a little stronger.
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