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"What most people do wrong in understanding politics and processes in society is: All things are interlinked. 5 threads or more inflict influence upon each other at the same time, and that's just only the present! Then add processes that are deeply linked and dependent on history to it.
Everything's as it is because of particular reasons - and the reasons are: The many complex threads of information that meet in one spot.
Trying to get a detailed overview constructed in one's head - like a map of a geographical area - about those actually is understanding the matter.
Unterstanding the matter is the base for developing the path to the future and preventing unwanted processes."

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Date: 30 June 2017 02:45 pm (UTC)
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This is actually dialectics. Which is the key to understanding the complex world by looking at things not as an isolated event or occurrence but interconnected with the all the components around and especially in the frame of society. I remember reading that physicist Michio Kaku, I think his name, so he predicted the alternative fuel, holograms, flying cars like in "Back to future" and all kinds of thing and possibly there is a potential but he is a metaphysics he forgot to look at from the point of view in what economic system it is going to happen and who will lose or gain profit so none of his predictions came true. And politics derives from economics so whoever is controlling economy is dictating politics.

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